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  1. ronroush7

    Bad thing?

    The nurse didn't give me Tylenol and Benadryl ahead of my infusion and I didn't say anything. Is that bad? I usually get it ahead of time.
  2. ronroush7

    Walking stick

    I have been on blood thinner since November. My blood count was really low. I have been on a walking stick since then. I am supposed to go off the blood thinner soon. I wonder how long after I go off the blood thinner before I can stop using a walking stick.
  3. ronroush7

    Ileocecal valve

    The chiropractor just told me that my Ileocecal valve was locked. Has this happened with anyone else?
  4. ronroush7

    Pain all over

    Earlier in the week, i had pain on my right side around where one of my ribs is. I thought at first it mught be the Crohn's disease but today I have had pain in my back and my right side. Has this happened with anyone else?
  5. ronroush7

    Soreness but no bleeding

    Is it possible to have a fistula with just soreness in your rectal area.
  6. ronroush7

    Not sure what is going on

    Sometimes after leaving the bathroom, I will feel like i need to return. Does this happen with anyone else 2
  7. ronroush7

    Walking and bloating

    Lately, when I walk, i notice bloating. Has this happened with anyone else?
  8. ronroush7


    Lately, i have been getting headaches that last for a few seconds in the back of my head. Does this happen to anyone else?
  9. ronroush7

    How long?

    Yesterday, I called in a refill of azathioprine. It has not been refilled yet. I have gone two days without the medicine. How long can i safely be without it?
  10. ronroush7

    Blood thinner

    Is it okay to take blood thinner while on Entyvio? I have recently been started on a blood thinner.
  11. ronroush7

    Crohn's disease and blood clots.

    I was recently in the hospital with blood clots. I read today that people with autoimmune diseases are more open to blood clots. Is this true?
  12. ronroush7


    I had six centimeters of my stomach removed in 2010. Sometimes it seems I get hungry easily. Could that be from malabsorption because of the surgery?
  13. ronroush7


    I had my colonoscopy today and everything came back clear. The doctor doubts there will be any difference when the biopsies come back
  14. ronroush7


    The recent MRI came back clear but they said there was a lot of poop in the colon. I have a colonoscopy tomorrow.
  15. ronroush7

    Preparation for colonoscopy

    My colonoscopy is this Thurseday. My doctor wanted me to start doing miralax and Gatorade this past Thursday. So far, I don't feel like it has been very effective . Could this be due to a stricture?
  16. ronroush7

    Any connection?

    On Monday, I had a mri enterography. Both Monday night and last night, i have been up until 4 in the morning goong to the bathroom. Could the mri cause me to be up that late both nights going to the bathroom?
  17. ronroush7

    Burnt tongue?

    Has anyone felt like their tongue has been burned or your tongue is really sensitive to the feel of your teeth while on prednisone?
  18. ronroush7

    Air frying and Crohn's disease

    I have been having trouble with the Crohn's disease. My wife was wondering if it had any connection with our air fryer?
  19. ronroush7


    I have been on prednisone before but this is the first time my feet have been swollen. Should I be concerned,?
  20. ronroush7


    Do people have vegetables that are safe to eat? I had tuna casserole last night with peas and my stomach has been upset. I am afraid to have many vegetables. I dont know if it is from the vegetables, stress from finances, cutting down on prednisone or a combination of things.