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  1. Crohn's Mom

    Pentasa and Liver Issues ?

    Austin had his first appointment with his new GI this morning. Things went well and he was very thorough taking a history. He ordered a series of blood and urine and stool tests, and also he is to have a Pill Cam on Tuesday. I have access to his blood/urine results online already and I find...
  2. Crohn's Mom

    Duodenum Inflammation

    Hi all.. So here I find myself sitting in a hospital room, getting settled in to spend the night once again; except this time, it's not with Gabrielle, it's with my middle son Austin (he's 18). He called me yesterday and said his stomach was hurting really bad, but when I started asking...
  3. Crohn's Mom

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    I light a candle for my "baby" brother ... It's 2 weeks today that he decided that he was in too much emotional pain, and decided to end his life. I tried so hard to help him through it, and be there for him. He left behind 2 beautiful sons, 4 nephews and 3 nieces that loved him dearly. I wish...
  4. Crohn's Mom

    Procedure for PillCam Small Bowel Endoscopy

    Since JJ is having his Pill Cam test today, I thought I would share here what the procedure was with others who may be wondering. I'm going to type it up straight from the instruction sheet we were given. Patient Instructions for PillCam Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy with the Sensor Belt Day...
  5. Crohn's Mom

    Long, continuing threads or Short and to the point ?

    I am curious as to how everyone feels about what's best for posting here; Do you prefer someone to have a long and continuous thread (even if it covers several different topics ) ? Or do you prefer a short, one question with answers to that particular question only; and then move on to posting...
  6. Crohn's Mom

    Imuran and allergic reaction

    Hi all :) Gab has informed me today that she has been very itchy, and still sweating. Then this afternoon she broke out in a rash on her back, that quickly spread to her arms and neck. She was at work when it happened, So she was able to quickly buy some Benadryl to help. Then she informed...
  7. Crohn's Mom

    Is there any link between IBD and Hernias?

    Hi all :) My brother also has CD so I am asking this for him. He has, through the last 10+ years, had surgeries to deal with 4 different hernias. Now he is going for a surgical consult this week because they believe he has two more. So, I am wondering, is there any link between IBD and...
  8. Crohn's Mom

    What foods do your kids crave when sick?

    Gab is home and resting up, but the only things she wants to eat, and can seem to tolerate, and is craving, is ice cream and cupcakes. This is like deja-vu for us, because 3 1/2 years ago when she was so sick, that's all she would crave and eat too. It's the one thing all the doctors (and...
  9. Crohn's Mom

    What time of day do you take your Imuran?

    I'm wondering if its ok to take Imuran in the evening before bed, instead of the morning ? My daughter just started Imuran a few days ago, 125 mg, and it has worsened her fatigue. If you take it at night does it lesson it's effectiveness? She's exhausted within an hour of taking it in the...
  10. Crohn's Mom

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    To the children, and families, and teachers and families ... There are no words 😰
  11. Crohn's Mom

    Do you need a hug ?

    Get your hug here ! We care for you all ! :ghug::ghug::ghug: Ok, so I've noticed lately that our dear Parents section seems to be flooded with children that are in a flare, having tests, etc. Some seem severe, some less. Regardless, all of our children are suffering at one time or another and...
  12. Crohn's Mom

    Sticky Paediatric IBD - Articles and Research

    wow...that is really interesting about the Osteoporosis as a presenting symptom ! Thanks MLP
  13. Crohn's Mom

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    My heart is saddened to hear of the loss of one of our Crohn's Forum family members. Rest in Peace Cindy ~ I'm sorry we never got the chance to know one another. :heart::heart::heart:
  14. Crohn's Mom

    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    So sweet girl77 - he's a lucky guy to have such love and support ! ❤ Thanks for sharing that :)
  15. Crohn's Mom

    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    just a friendly little bump for some "newbies" :) This is so nice, and such a great support to let everyone here know they are not alone! :rosette2:
  16. Crohn's Mom

    Chest pain ?

    I'm wondering from anyone who may have experience with this... What can/would cause chest pain with Crohn's ? Is it possible that it could be a stricture ? Or blockage ? My daughter is complaining of bloating, and "feeling like something is stuck" for the last few days, and low grade fever; and...
  17. Crohn's Mom

    Experimenting with Gluten Free diet

    We are going Gluten free as an experiment on JJ's health :) He has agreed to a minimum of 3 weeks to one month trial. I explained to him that even tho his previous biopsies said "no celiac" that it doesn't mean that he doesn't have a Gluten intolerance. That, and his blood tests showed...
  18. Crohn's Mom

    IBD Workout Routine Video (Silly)

    sunshine that is hysterical !! LOL I love how your puppy is running behind you on the "bathroom sprint" :ylol: Thanks for the good laugh! I love your positiveness ! :thumleft:
  19. Crohn's Mom

    Inspiration for parent and child :)

    inspiration for parent and child :) I just wanted to share (with the permission of my dear daughter) a bit of inspiration for you wonderful, caring and worried parents here. I know all to well the feeling of not knowing; the "what ifs", "will they?", "can they?" etc. I know the feeling of...
  20. Crohn's Mom

    Crohn's & Colitis Awareness Week!