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  1. Fistulathens

    My FISTULA Story (FiLac, Cutting Seton, eventual success and Advice)

    This is a summary of my story. I think it is an imperative that I present my story in summary; I know that many people go back to each and every post in order to get the complete story (like I did, in pure agony, trying to figure out things). If you read this executive summary, you will save...
  2. Fistulathens

    Cutting Seton Surgery Info

    Hi everyone, I am not a new member. I have been struggling with a transphicteric fistula since 2017. I've had three surgeries (a draining seton and two FiLac surgeries) now getting ready for a cutting seton surgery (end of April / May) as the good news is that my fistula has become more...
  3. Fistulathens

    Anyone had their fistula "lowered"

    Hi, I have a seton in situ for a mid-high transphicteric fistula. Anyone had a similar fistula become lower through the long-term use of draining seton?
  4. Fistulathens

    Seton since Monday big time draining

    Hi folks. I am a 45 year old male. I got a fistula diagnosis approxiately two months ago. No Crohn's most likely (have not tested though) since i have no real symptoms. Just had a seton surgery on the 31st of July. Overall it was not that bad. The surgery was brief, and afterwards it did not...
  5. Fistulathens

    Help needed!

    Hello, I am a fistula sufferrer, probably not Crohn's. Has anyone had the FiLac surgery - It is supposed to be non - invasive and effective. Thank you so much for replying- Dimitri