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    Tysabri and steroids

    I am getting ready to start back on tysabri after a insurance pre existing issue and due to being off of tysabri I was put on hydrocortisone for my adrenal insufficiency. I'm wondering now that I'm going back on tysabri will I have to wean off of the steroids due to your not suppose to be on...
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    Tysabri again

    Hello all I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I was on tysabri for about 2 years and due to an insurance change I was having trouble getting them to cover. They kept wanting to call it a pre existing condition. I talked with biogen and explained to them I would be losing my...
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    Endo and Colonoscopy results from today

    I have a hiatal hernia that's causing acid reflux and bacteria in esophagus. My crohns is severevin a small area and moderatevin a larger area near the anastamosis. I have diverticulosis through out entire colono and all the above is causing abdominal pain and cramping. They are putting me back...
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    Tired of everything we have to go through

    :ybatty:I like several of you on this forum am getting tired of this ongoing battle of just trying to feel good. If it's not trying new medicine were having all kinds of test run doctors telling us they think they know what is wrong but they are not sure and then having test come back normal...
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    :yfaint: I was just wondering what other people were using for there anxiety. I am currently on klonopin and I can't tell it's doing any good. I have been on Ativan but was having to take 2mg just to get some relief. Are there other drugs people have used to help with anxiety. :ybatty:
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    Another trip to the ER with little satisfaction

    :hallo3:I was feeling fine Saturday morning whin I got up I met a couple of buddies for lunch and we were going to try and play golf. I use to love playing the game but I have to be careful to know where the bathrooms are. We were about halfway through when I started feeling bad and my stomach...
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    Flare or flu

    :ack: advice please At the start of the week I started having stomach issues consisting of abdominal pain nausea vomiting low grade fever and joint aches. I immediately went to a full liquid diet and bed rest that helped some. As of Wednesday evening I started getting upper respiratory problems...
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    :ywow: I have been fighting Crohns for 20 years and most of that time I was either dating my wife or married to her. In 20 years you would think she would know when I am sick and what happens when you get abdominal pains nausea vomiting and the big D. For the last couple of years she has refused...
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    Crohns / UC in the family

    I wanted to see if anyone else had these diseases running in the family. My grandfather on my mothers side had crohns, my mother has crohns and has been dealing with it for over 30 years, I was DX with crohns in 1993 and my daughter was DX with UC 5 years ago. My grandfather passed away, my...
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    Depression and Crohns

    :sign0085: I have been fighting Crohns for 20 years and had a good attitude until the last few years. I started getting very fatigued and no energy to do the everyday tasks we take for granted. After going to the hospital and getting admitted the doctors said that I had adrenal insufficiency due...
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    I was started on tysabri about two years ago. So far I have had no side effects from the infusion and can say that I have seen some improvements in how I feel. At first I was unsure with the scare of PML but my doctor suggested that I try this medication because he thought it would be very...
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    What else is going to happen?

    I was diagnosed with crohns disease in 1993 and have been on all medications possible for treating the symptoms of crohns. After several years my doctors had to refer back to the only medication that would offer some relief which was the wonderful/horrible prednisone. Although at the time I was...