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  1. merrywidow

    Can eating worms cure crohns?

    can eating worms cure crohns? this was a article in yesterdays paper. anyone heard of eating worms to cure crohns (and asthma)? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2018726/Can-eating-worms-banish-asthma-Scientists-discover-common-diseases-linked-clean-.html
  2. merrywidow

    Crohns and diebetic

    crohns and diebetic i have had crohns since 1997 but have recently been diagnosed with diebetic. does any have the same as me? any advice please?
  3. merrywidow

    No loos on the trains

    no loos on the trains to save on money, there will be no loos on the brighton to portsmouth trains anymore. this journey takes 90 mins. some questions, what happens when the kids wants the loo? what about when you get travell sick? where am i supoose to empty my pouch? you cant open...
  4. merrywidow

    My fred is 7 years old today

    my fred is 7 years old today my stoma is 7 years old, my life (health) has totally changed for the better. happy birthday fred.
  5. merrywidow

    Woman gives birth to sextuplets has uc

    woman gives birth to sextuplets has uc this article is in todays daily mail. As a child, Vicky suffered from life-threatening ulcerative colitis and, at the age of 12, had her large intestine removed. they now have 5 babies (one died) to look after. can you imagine what that would be like...
  6. merrywidow

    Where do i turn now. op cancelled

    where do i turn now. op cancelled as you may all know i was gonna go into hospital in sept to remove my very annoying anul stump. all the plans were going well,the cat had a sitter, my son was gonna board at school. that was until news filtered through that a school in kent is closing down in...
  7. merrywidow

    Crohns "cure" bone marrow transplant

    there was a article in yesterday(11th may) stating that bone marrow transplant could cure crohns. the article isnt availble online , but the clinical trails are. http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00297193 anyone know anything about this?
  8. merrywidow

    Mucus is really salty

    i have a anul stump and it has been producing loads of mucus, but for the last week or so the mucus smells really salty. i have not changed meds. any ideas?
  9. merrywidow

    Anyone had rectual removal?

    anyone had rectual removal? has anyone had their rectual stump removed? what was it like? how long were you in hospital? how long before you could sit down again? please be honest
  10. merrywidow

    Waste of 6 months

    waste of 6 months as most of you know i was on azathoprine for 6 months+, and decided to stop it because it was not helping in anyway. i went to see the consultant last night, (7.30pm appoiment!!) he was the proper consultant, not the stundent i had last time. this fella said aza wouldnt work...
  11. merrywidow

    Stopping aza

    stopping aza i have been on azathoprine for about 6 months or so. i take 200mg a day, but i have found no difference in my syptoms, so i want to stop taking it. can i just stop taking aza or do i need to taper it down? any advice on this or any useful med will be welcome.
  12. merrywidow

    Really tired

    really tired the past 3 days i have been really tired. is this due to crohns or quitting ciggys? this isnt the normal tiredness you feel,when you have done some hard work. this is that nice cosy tiredness you have when you first wake up. that lovely feeling when you just want 5 more minutes in...
  13. merrywidow

    Stoma wash out

    stoma wash out bear with me on this please. i read somewhere that us who have stomas can have a "wash out" it wasnt called that but i cant think of its proper name, sorry. anyway after the "wash out" we can be bag free for 4 days. does anyone have anymore info about this? has anyone tried...
  14. merrywidow

    My battle with nicotine

    my battle with nicotine several people have asked about my battle with ciggys, so instead of having spread all over the forum i thought i would give its own thread,. i quit on january 1st but this only lasted 3 days!!! then when i got my son back to school i tried again jan 15th. this was...
  15. merrywidow

    I aint proud of myself today!!!

    i aint proud of myself today!!! this is a follow on to the other thread "i am proud of myself today becasue" ................... i went into town to do some paperwork and managed to lose my husbands death certifcate and our marrige certificate.
  16. merrywidow

    Crohns on deal or no deal

    crohns on deal or no deal a chappie was on deal on no deal today. this show is a game show that ha a huge following with the student/old people catogorie. why am i watching this programme? becausee its addictive, maybe? here is the link, http://www.channel4.com/programmes/4od the show is on...
  17. merrywidow

    How long does it take for azathoroprine to work?

    how long does it take for azathoroprine to work? i have been on azathoprine for a full 3 weeks now, am now on a dose of 150 going up to 250 eventually. i am on this because my anul stump keps bleeding and producing too much mucus. increasing pentasa didnt helped. but niether is azathoprine. or...
  18. merrywidow

    Crohns and laser eye surgery

    crohns and laser eye surgery i looked into the idea of having laser eye treatment, but was told becasue i havee crohns they wouldnt consider me. she couldnt tell me a reason why. does anyone know the reason why?
  19. merrywidow

    Azathoprine and cravings

    i was put on azathoprine last week and have had a craving for salt ever since. not neat salt, but salt and vinegar crisps or pretzels even tomatoe chutney. any ideas? or has anyone had the same? sharon
  20. merrywidow

    Im not new here!!

    im not new here!! I am not new here; I’ve been here over 2yrs now. But I never did a “I’m new here”. I came to this site to find some info and kinda never left. Anyway, about me. I was born 5th sept 1969. Got married when I was 21. After 6years of trying for a baby we had IVF, but...