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    Hypo/hyper thyroidism

    For those of you with the above, this article may be of interest. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/09/130916161735.htm I am hypo but I have immense trouble regulating my body temperature(both highs and lows). My doctor dismissed it as overreacting as I am not of menopause age (quite a...
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    Skin abscesses

    Just wondering how common abscesses are for IBD'ers? For the first time in my life, in spite of persistent immune and IBD issues, I had a skin absess removed today(lower back, appeared only a few days ago, no pain just hard lump). It was pretty terrifying as the last time I had a bump like that...
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    HPV 16 infection and vaccination

    Hi all, just wondering how many here(if any) have been diagnosed with HPV16? My rather poor immune system has defeated me once again :yfrown: I have been arguing with my health insurance to get the Gardasil vaccine, which although it won't get rid of it, it may offer further protection against...