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    Thinking about SCD...anybody with advice?

    thinking about SCD...anybody with advice? Just wondering if the specific carb diet will do me any good?? currently dealing with things like mucous in the stool, ++gas, distention...frustrating. Any success stories? the remicade seems to be controlling everything else so...
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    Something old...just more of it!

    something old...just more of it! So, had my C-scope yesterday, it went reasonably well, I went in healthy actually because I was on the last of my prednisone taper (which finally started to help back in mid july), Doc took about five biopsies...I came out of my sedation and went and crapped a...
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    Prednisone effects??

    So, i had to go on prednisone (currently on remicade aswell) back in may month, started on 50 mg/day for seven days, and honestly didn't have a great response. I think things did improve, but definitely not remision like, still had symptoms? Saw my specialist, he insisted I try another dose of...
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    Fistula's and colectomies...

    fistula's and colectomies... Does anybody have any experience with fistula's that weren't a direct result of crohn's...can a person have a fistula from IBS, or even colitis?? Also, if a person did have a perianal fistula that didn't want to heal, can a person still get a j-pouch after a colectomy??
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    And life continues...

    and life continues... previous post I was feeling that remicade was failing for me, having pain, watery stools and blood in the am whenever something passed through my distal colon. saw the specialist, he put me on prednisone (surprise surprise) to clear the flare, and then said wait and see...
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    Remicade question?

    remicade question? Hey folks, been on remicade for a year and a half, been great but the last eight weeks it's been like i never had it? has anyone found that it begins to work again without a dose escalation or rescue dose?? I am for another infusion this week.
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    Looking for life

    looking for life Hey there all you fellow IBD'ers, just joining because I am finding that while I feel that I am coping well, it's always good to hear from people who have been where I am, it's amazing how much comfort a person can get from people who can empathize, and who can help you ease...