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  1. Amaze

    Can Any Of My Chroniacs Within The 5 Boroughs of NYC Help Me Out with a Job?

    I know this is a very random question and I doubt I will get help here but it is most definitely worth asking but is there anyone within the 5 boroughs that can help me get a good job. Not an ordinary job at a fast food joint but an actual good paying job. Crohns has got me denied by many...
  2. Amaze

    I Have The Worst Luck For Everything

    I do not know why but since my diagnoses i have the worst luck ever. Im always running into horrible people. Im always getting into trouble unintentionally, im always getting re routed. For ex an hour trip takes me 3. I have bad luck for everything.
  3. Amaze

    Remicade question.

    Just starting remicade and was wondering can i go to work after an infusion?
  4. Amaze

    Is remicade going to help me?

    I havr active crohns, fistulas, fissure, ulcers, arthritis, and hemorrhoids. Will remicade make this all go away?
  5. Amaze

    Question about Cipro

    Hi everybody, Lately my butt has been leaking so much my GI wants me to take cipro. Heres my question... How long do you have to wait before you can have dairy. I know you cant have dairy because it will make the medication useless but it is impossible for me to go with out dairy. I want to...
  6. Amaze

    At my Heaviest ever. What to do?

    Hi- I am in a full blown flare but I am also at my heaviest. I currently am tipping the scale at 300 pounds. I dont eat out of the norm... or I dont think so. I try to exercise but my arthritis kicks in and I get excruciating pain. I also have been extremely fatigued too. I want to go out...
  7. Amaze

    Just Got Hired. Should I Quit?

    I got a terrible desk position with no bathroom in sight. Horrible for a crohniac but my real issue is my health insurance. This job doesnt have any insurance, at the moment I get full coverage because I have no job. Here in NY, if you make about 1,400 a month you will not be covered to my...
  8. Amaze

    Seen a Different Rectal Surgeon today. I dont know what to do

    I am overwhelmed with issues. I got Crohns disease, arthritis, two-three fistulas. One of the fistulas is grade 4 with a tract. I also have ulcers, bloody stools and butt cheek pain. I also am newly diagnosed to a "gaping fissure" and a "prostatic cyst" I am 23 and I feel like my life is...
  9. Amaze

    Going to Prison

    No, I am not going to prison :ycool: But I was wondering how would a Crohns disease patient be able to live in prison. How would they be treated? Would they actually be given pain medication? How about if your cellmate has a problem for crapping 20 times a day? Since people in prison use...
  10. Amaze

    Been having Anxiety Attacks and No Doctor Will Help. What to do?

    Hi- Since my fistulas and many other issues I have been having panic attacks. I went to my primary physician and it was like talking to a wall. She said we dont want to give you anything for anxiety because they are dangerous. But I told her that its fine for me to be on Humira, Prednisone...
  11. Amaze

    Two GI's and One Doctor Has Advised Me To Not Seek Treatment For My Fistulas

    Hello As you may or may not know I been struggling with two fistulas lately. I had spoken to two GI's along with my primary Doctor and all 3 have advised me against seeking treatment for my fistulas. They said that with Crohns Disease it is extremely difficult to treat fistulas and no matter...
  12. Amaze

    On Cipro and Flagyl. Experiencing Smelly Dark Stools

    I been on cipro and flagyl for 1 week now and I feel like crap. Im very tired and my poo is dark and it stinks. Im assuming its a bad side effect. I been trying to get in hold of my GI for 3 days now to no avail. I even scheduled an appointment to see him today and his secretary cancelled.
  13. Amaze

    Sever Pain & Fatigue in My Left Shoulder. What Can it Be?

    This happens from time to time and it always occurs if I go out for long periods of time. My left shoulder will feel so tired/weak and my shoulder will hurt a lot. When I make a full rotation with my left shoulder I can hear a large crack/popping noise. The pain comes out of no where. Its not...
  14. Amaze

    Do you take all meds at once or actually obey by the bottle?

    I have many medications and Im really tired of obeying by the bottles instructions Example: take 1 pill 4 times a day, take 1 pill 3 times a day, etc.... I really would like to take all the meds at once.
  15. Amaze

    Should I stop enemas? penis pain, sides of tummy hurt, and solid poo half red

    I took enemas for 3 days straight and my sides and penis was hurting. I took a day off from it yesterday and I spoke to my GI today and he told me to take it every other day and that I should start it up today. I took a BM before a enema and my poop was solid and half covered in red, when I...
  16. Amaze

    Can't Wrap My Mind Around Enemas

    I was prescribed Mesalamine 4GM/60ML Enema and I have no idea how will I use this. I dont want to use it but have no other choice I guess. Do I have to insert the whole thing because I really have an issue with putting anything in my arse. Has anyone done enemas before and can they shed some...
  17. Amaze

    Foods & Beverages to avoid with Ulcers and Fistulas?

    Are there any foods and drinks I should avoid while having ulcers and fistulas? Last thing I wanna do is agitate things
  18. Amaze

    Please help, found a small hole near my rectum, what is it?

    I found a small hole near my anus. Is it a fissure, fistula, or an abscess? I cant tell the difference and which one do I have? Why do I have this and how do I make it go away? i noticed it thursday and today I have a burning sensation down there. I spoke to my GI and he said surgery is going...
  19. Amaze

    Found this little hole near my rectum. What is it?

    So today I pooped myself with out even knowing so I went in the shower to clean up and when I was washing my bum I felt something painful near my rectal area, it felt like a little hole. After the shower I tried to take a pic behind there and theres a little hole near my anus. wtf is that?!
  20. Amaze

    Prednisone free 4 days, intense migrain for 3. Any relation?

    My prednisone refills has expired 4 days ago. I decided its best to no longer take them since they are so deadly and i been on them for about 6 months straight. For the past 3 days i been having intense headaches/migraines. Also today i feel a bump pr something swelling in my anus area. When i...