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  1. erk

    PREdiCCt study for understanding IBD (UK)

    Hi everyone, thought I would share this here as I've recently started taking part in the PREdiCCt study. If you have IBD and are in remission, in the UK, you may be able to take part. They also have a podcast which I haven't listened to yet. https://www.predicct.co.uk/ Some info copied from...
  2. erk

    Intermittent Fasting?

    Before I started showing UC symptoms, I had adopted a routine of eating breakfast, lunch, and no dinner, unless I went out for dinner on some sort of occasion. Interestingly (or at least I thought), my symptoms started not long after moving in with my boyfriend and going back to the regular 3...
  3. erk


    Hi all, amongst my undiagnosed gut issues, something I decided to try after seeing some adverts on the web for it was Huel. It's basically a milled powder which you mix with water to create a "nutritionally complete" meal. I've just finished one bag of the gluten free version, I mix 3-4 scoops...
  4. erk

    Possible UC, still waiting for diagnosis

    Hi all, first off really pleased to find what looks like an active forum for IBD, looking forward to reading and learning :) Around mid October I noticed blood in my stool, or just wiping and having bright red tissue, along with a few instances of becoming so painfully bloated I looked like I...