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  1. gmm

    Vram flap surgery

    just wondering if any of you out there have gone through this and and your experience with it
  2. gmm

    Leak leak bubble and squeek

    had the drain taken out from the abscess and fistula that was above my bellybutton and where the ribs join, yesterday, instead of the tube coming out they put a small ileostomy bag on it to catch the remainder of the drain, it lasted a few hrs lol, stuff was seeping past the sticky seal...
  3. gmm

    No holds barred

    hello folks, been reading the downsides of having a stoma thread and appreciating the lighter side of things with one , but wondering after the op what you actually went through,pain, annoyance wise and if anyone regrets it?,i have to face facts that my large bowel is no longer able to be...
  4. gmm

    Surgeons decisions?

    does a surgeon have the final say as to the outcome of surgery when he open you up for a resection? and instead of waking up with a resection you wake up with a stoma instead? hoping next week to get this cleared up as i would like to know for certain that if i go for surgery i would rather...
  5. gmm

    How long of a large bowel can you get away with?

    how long of a large bowel can you get away with? been told that the large bowel will be operated on and that about 10 inches or so will be left, anyone have any experience of this and how it affects how many times a day you end up going to the toilet?, doc said that the portion left will...
  6. gmm

    What they dont tell you

    what they dont tell you just wondering if any folks out there have any advice on what the docs/surgeons dont tell you about ending up with a bag after surgery?, the annoyances sleeping face down , leaking, mucus, having the backside stitched up , lingering pains etc, i have already...
  7. gmm

    Private surgery

    private surgery was wondering if anyone has had to go the private route to getting surgery done relating to crohns, if it was in the uk or abroad and was it worth it?, looks as though its the only option left to me
  8. gmm

    Humira pains and scratching

    humira pains and scratching hello folks, on my 3rd single dose of humira(fortnightly) and was wondering if anyone has experienced sore joints and really itchy skin? i sem to have itchyness on my shins and the shoulder /upper arm area, but the joint pains are the worst, ankles, heels and...
  9. gmm

    Heya folks

    heya folks just thought id say hello and finally decided to register after looking up the forum for the last 3 years or so, diagnosed with crohns in 2000 and been through nearly all the treatments, currently on humira as the last chance of something working, surgery in 2003 for a...