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  1. LodgeLady

    Fecal Calprotectin Result 128

    I just had my first ever fecal calprotectin test and it came back at 128.. I don't see my new GI until next week. Can anyone comment if this is in the normal range. I've googled and the websites are saying positive for IBD. Hoping anyone with experience with this test can comment. Thanks in advance.
  2. LodgeLady

    LDN Wearing Off

    So I've been 4 months on ldn and no matter what the dose the positive effects wear off after about a month. I don't think it's helping my Crohns like I'd hope it would. My new internist feels ldn is only addressing my symptoms and doing nothing to address my "Crohns-Disease" . So I'm coming off...
  3. LodgeLady

    Partial Obstructions-How To Know When Not To Wait It Out

    Although my GI is having a hard time finding any strictures or intestinal narrowing, I am repeatedly having episodes of what I fear are partial blockage attacks. Out of nowhere I get extremely nauseous with sweating and the urgent need to vomit. I am overcome with abdominal pain. Sometimes I...
  4. LodgeLady

    Starting LDN -A Few Questions

    Does anyone know how long one is to stay on LDN if they are having positive results? Is it years? How many have had therapeutic results on 3 mg instead of the max 4.5mg? I'm starting at 1.5mg for one month. Is it best to increase by .5mg for a month until achieving one's therapeutic dose or is...
  5. LodgeLady

    Xifaxan -It's working so what does that mean?

    After an upper GI ( doctor ruling out an ulcer and biopsies for Crohns ) my abdominal pain and flares continued despite all the results being normal. ( Well I have reflux so esphagitis found so I guess it's from that. ) Doc started me on Xifaxan and it's working!!! Does that automatically...
  6. LodgeLady

    Gastritis and Crohns

    Is it possible to develop gastritis as a result of having Crohns? My GP is treating me for gastritis with possible ulcer. Don't see my GI for a month. This is all wearing me out. Getting real old....:(
  7. LodgeLady

    GP Treats Me For Ulcer. When do I tell GI?

    So after trying to get an appt with my GI I go see my GP yesterday as I could not take my abdominal pain anymore. After examine me and hearing about my intense pain soon after eating he says he thinks it's definitely an ulcer and puts me Carafate. Says I well feel better within a day after...
  8. LodgeLady

    IBD on Dr Phil -What a Waste

    So I'm watching Dr. Phil and all of a sudden one of his guests is one dealing with UC/IBD!! I perk up right away and say to myself"Finally Crohns and Colits is getting some recognition"!! So my heart went out to the guest who was telling her story All the same things we read here. So Dr. Phil...
  9. LodgeLady

    Enteragam - Anyone else tried this?

    Saw my GI doctor. Because my Crohns is so mild he doesn't want to pursue any harsher Crohns drugs. He started me on this new drug Enteragam along with a month of Prednisone and continuing with the Pentasa. Enteragam is brand new on the market ( fall 2013). It is made of bovine...
  10. LodgeLady

    Imuran or 6-MP

    Hello all, I need some advice. I see my GI next week and am going to ask if I can try another drug besides Pentasa ( or in addition to). From what I'm reading Imuran or 6-MP are the next low level drugs for treatment? Pentasa has been working but some days just doesn't feel like enough. Is there...
  11. LodgeLady

    Starting A New Job: Health Benefits and Proof of Insurability

    I am so excited and grateful that I now have a new full time job! This one is less stressful and near a bathroom!!! :) Anyway a question. I have to choose benefits as a new full time employee. Long term disability is the only benefit asking for proof of insurability? What is that? Does a doctor...
  12. LodgeLady

    Does stress cause you to flare?

    I have a job interview tomorrow. I've been stressed the past few days preparing for it. Up until this morning I have been feeling great. Woke up with cramps, stomach pain radiating to the back. So probably the stress of my interview tomorrow causing me to flare? I'm trying not to take a pain...
  13. LodgeLady

    Do You Ever Stop Examining Your Stool?

    Since my diagnosis I continually examine my stool. Rarely is anything " different" other than consistency ( diarrhea vs constipation) and the fact that I see the Pentasa shells in my stool. So why do I feel I need to keep examining it? Does that " need" ever go away? It's almost like a phobia...
  14. LodgeLady

    Does The Pentasa Joint Pain Go Away?

    I am finally feeling great since I have started Pentasa. However, after 2 months of taking it, I am experiencing significant joint pain. Certain times of the day is worse or better but I always have it. Right now it's in my elbow ( like tendinitis) but has been in my rotator cuff ( the one I had...
  15. LodgeLady

    How Many Went From IBS To IBD?

    So my results from my upper GI and SBS show no active Crohns. However my Dr said because I am responding to Entocort and Pentasa that I still may have some level of inflammation not being picked up by X-ray. So the diagnosis still remains IBS with undetermined Crohns. So my question out there...
  16. LodgeLady

    Significant Joint Pain on Pentasa But It's Working

    So I am finally feeling great relief 6 weeks on Pentasa. However this week joint pain and aches have really been noticeable. I know it's from the Pentasa. Does it go away on its own? Will there be any harm done if I just live with the joint pain? Seems the least of side effects compared to the...
  17. LodgeLady

    Diagnosis Changed Back To Crohn's- What A Roller Coaster

    Saw my regular GI yesterday. This was my first visit since my specialist appointment ( who felt my symptoms were not bad enough :( ). Had bloodwork that still shows mildly elevated ESR. I am responding to Pentasa after a horrible painful flair after coming off Entocort. I thought he would...
  18. LodgeLady

    Another Test That Just May Not Be "Bad Enough" - Opinions?

    I saw my allergist for my annual visit. He ordered lots of lab work in light of my recent issues with my health ( cholycystecyomy, lack of firm Crohn's diagnosis) . All of the bloodwork came back normal EXCEPT two values; TIBC : results: 392 high ( normal range 112-346) % Saturation : 19 low (...
  19. LodgeLady

    Pentasa Is Working -Will It Affect Pill Cam Results?

    I am very happy to say this Pentasa is working!! My GI nurse practioner put me back on it after coming off Entocort and having a major flare. My GI was on vacation and previously did not want to put me back on it. ( He thinks it's IBS instead of IBD now). I see him Aug 12. I'm sure he is...
  20. LodgeLady

    Doubled Over After 2 Weeks Off Entocort

    I had been feeling pretty good after weaning off Entocort. Two weeks later, today, nausea and extreme abdominal pain hit me all of a sudden. I quickly took Zofran or I would be heaving my guts up. Cramping and frequent bathroom trips with continuous abdominal pain. Could this be a resurgeonce...