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  1. ForeverCrohns

    Cold or Flu increased diarrhea

    Hi all Does flu cause diarrhea to increase? Because I am having a worse diarrhea than I already have :ybatty:
  2. ForeverCrohns

    Struggling with bacterial overgrowth Or inflammation?

    Hi It's been almost a year since my surgery and I thought that the diarrhea would be gone by now because the surgeon told me I will have it up to 6 months. But now I have more severe diarrhea that I am unable to go out of my house, I'm always exhausted and I'm starting to have more dizziness...
  3. ForeverCrohns

    Fainting or passing out with diarrhea

    Seriously I am starting to be afraid to close the door when I'm in the toilet because Sometimes I feel like I am going to pass out while I'm going for D and last time I actually passed out in the toilet while everybody was sleeping! Does anybody experience that with severe Diarrhea ...
  4. ForeverCrohns

    Colonoscopy on Monday

    Hello Crohnies I hope everybody os doing ok! Its been a while since i posted on the forum :) I am going to have my second colonoscopy in 5 months and thats whats worrying me! Its been only 5 months and this time my dr insisted on me hving another one. And he usually avoids unneccessary tests...
  5. ForeverCrohns

    How long post surgery did the diarhea stop?

    Hi I'm so tired of the continuous Diarhea limiting me in every way , I can't do anything that requires me to go out of the house. It's been over 6 months since my surgery and I still have d, while the surgeon told me before I do the surgery that I would take only up to 6 months for it to slow...
  6. ForeverCrohns

    Amazing video

    Hello All I have been sent this great video that made me see myself in another way. I hope you like it http://mashable.com/2013/04/15/dove-ad-beauty-sketches/
  7. ForeverCrohns

    Skin itching

    Hi all I have been experiencing severe skin itching without rash during the day but it increases especially at night .. It is bothering me so much I can't sleep or function. The doctor has prescribed me strong antihistamine which is relieving it a bit but not totally gone which is driving me...
  8. ForeverCrohns

    Possible obstruction so scared!

    Hey everybody! I started having pain in my abdomen on thanksgiving .. It started little and became very bad by midnight .. I were able at that time to pass little gas and have bm .. But it was like I couldn't push it out had to wait for it come out by itself. Next day morning I had a very lil...
  9. ForeverCrohns

    Just Wanted to share my Magic Iron Suppliment

    Hello Everybody! I have never been able to tolerate Iron tablets and I am always anaemic .. until I found this Natural Iron water packet which you dissolve daily with orang or apple juice .. and it is super light on the stomach and natural .. it is also absorbed better in the digestive system...
  10. ForeverCrohns

    Rectum badly Inflamed! Ouch!

    Hi All, I have had a history of rectal problems.. when I were first diagnosed there were 2 ulcers which healed with the steroids and Imuran Later I developed an anal fissure which perforated because of asacol getting stuck in it .. so the doctor prescribed Humira to let it heal before...
  11. ForeverCrohns

    Gaining your energy back after surgery?

    Hi Everybody! I have a question for all of you who had surgery.. this is my first surgery and I feel that my energy is very low to the point that if I walk a few steps I feel that I am out of breath and sometimes I am about to pass out .. I had it done on Oct 30th which is almost 3 weeks ago...
  12. ForeverCrohns

    Feeling down no family support only sister abuse

    Hey.. I am not used to talking about my emotions in public but I am really feeling down and depressed these days Before I do my surgery I were so stressed out because my sister did her surgery less than a month before me and she had a bleeding complication..I were taking care of her and...
  13. ForeverCrohns

    Post op worries

    Hi! I had a laproscopic Ileocecal resection aroun 10 days ago and all went well .. I am home now and since then I have been experiencing on and off chills especially last night It was more severe and I got worried.. The other thing is I stayed one day without passing stool and when I did this...