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  1. Crohnie86

    Lets Count Our Blessings :-)

    GI diseases can be hard on us all, and sometimes we have moments where we just want to scream (and do!). It's hard at times to remember the good things we've been blessed with in life. What are some things you can count your blessings for today? I guess I'll start.. I'm blessed to have two...
  2. Crohnie86

    Upper-GI Tract Symptoms - Worse Over Time - Ideas?

    I didnt mention this to my GI Doc for two reasons... 1. I thought it was anxiety related at first 2. My Doc always seems to be in a hurry, therefore making me feel like unless its a serious issue, I need not mention it. However, in the past couple of weeks the symptoms have gotten...
  3. Crohnie86

    Recurring Infections

    Soooooooo.... Just as a bit of an update to those who havent read my "My Story Thus Far" post when I first joined... I've been experiencing symptoms for many years that are currently undiagnosed. They are as follows... *Constipation w/occasional diarrhea *Severe abdominal pain *History of...
  4. Crohnie86

    My Story Thus Far

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to the forum. My name is Sarah. I've had bowel problems since I was born. My parents had to rush me to the ER when I was 18 months old because I wouldnt go to the bathroom. I was apparently severly constipated. They were able to resolve...