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  1. EmAitch88


    for anyone who doesn't know, FMLA is time off work to take care of an ill family member or for yourself when you are ill. i have received FMLA for work before, two years ago. i was given five days every month. this time around, once every THREE months. what?! this disease is so unpredictable for...
  2. EmAitch88

    Vegetables in smoothies easier to tolerate?

    I get a very full uncomfortable feeling in my stomach when I eat spinach. The feeling will even carry over to the next day sometimes. my theory is that it's difficult for me to digest and upsets things...so, I'm wondering, if I were to put spinach in a smoothie and it was all broken down and...
  3. EmAitch88

    Hemorrhoid relief?

    I am currently lying awake at 5:30 in the morning because of my hemorrhoids. I haven't had many issues with them in the past, they've never kept me from getting sleep. I am so frustrated and tired! There always seems to be something wrong with me, one thing after the other..I just want to get a...
  4. EmAitch88

    Does exercise give you more energy?

    I know that everyone is different with many things but I must ask my fellow Crohn's sufferers how they tolerate exercise. I have been exhausted from even the slightest activity and my job requires standing/walking for 7.5 hours and lifting heavy items. so, you can imagine just thinking about...
  5. EmAitch88


    hello, all! i had an appointment with my GI last week. he brought up Remicade out of nowhere. i've had little to no symptoms since i started Asacol and Imuran in 2010. he wants me to get a MR enterogram to see if there is any inflammation. if there is any, he suggests Remicade. even if there...
  6. EmAitch88

    Tea for digestive/immune health

    i'm getting into drinking tea. i was wondering if anyone knows if there are certain kinds that are good for digestive health and your immune system and such....what do you all drink? what kinds, brands, flavors are your favorites? thanks!!
  7. EmAitch88

    How to handle a fart in yoga class.

    how to handle a fart in yoga class. i was looking up yoga videos on youtube and stumbled upon this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaFRZuBw9JM&NR=1 i thought it was funny. thought i should share. :D sorry if it offends anyone!!!!
  8. EmAitch88

    Elimination diet.

    elimination diet. i'll be starting an elimination diet within the next week or two. has anyone on here done one? i'm wondering where to start, what to eat...fruits and veggies of course, but: -what else can i eat? -how long should i eat these things until i start adding things back into my...
  9. EmAitch88

    Hey, ladies.

    hey, ladies. this is about Mesalamine/Asacol affecting my menstrual cycle.... my periods were very irregular before i went on the pill. they were always light to normal in flow, just all over the place. never knew when to expect it! after the pill, periods were normal and very light! glorious...
  10. EmAitch88

    Potatoes. Rice.

    forgive my ignorance, i know i may be totally off about this... i love mashed potatoes. i have heard that white potatoes are not the best for you. -at least, if you have a lot of them. lots of starch and such. are sweet potatoes or yams better? does it make a difference for Crohns patients? i...
  11. EmAitch88

    Second opinion? important!

    second opinion? important! alrighty. things are feeling bittersweet right now. had my colonoscopy yesterday (looks good! nice and pink in there, a couple ulcers.) and my doctor had the results from my endoscopy...negative for Celiac! yay! -right?? well, i'm relieved but i'm also confused...and...
  12. EmAitch88

    Clear me out.

    clear me out. colonoscopy in a day and a half. prep starts tomorrow, at 6pm. super excited..........sending good thoughts to my intestines, they better be lookin good.
  13. EmAitch88

    False positive.

    false positive. has anyone here been tested for Celiac and received a false positive? i had blood tests done a few weeks ago and tested positive. then i had an endoscopy to take biopsies and my doctor thinks i could've had a false positive for Celiac....how common is that? i wonder..won't get...
  14. EmAitch88


    prep. i got my prep for my colonoscopy next week. i didn't get any sort of flavoring packets with it...this happened last time and i ended up using CrystalLite lemonade flavor. tasted like salty lemonade. what has everyone else used to make taking the prep easier??
  15. EmAitch88


    i took Accutane for my acne when i was in high school, about 18 years old. i was diagnosed with Crohns last year, a few months before my 22nd birthday. i'm sure you all have seen the commercials about Accutane and how it has been linked to Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, and such....should i look...
  16. EmAitch88


    celiac. i was just diagnosed with Celiac disease on the 20th. i'm not sure that it's fully hit me how much this will affect my life! i'm going to schedule another appointment with a nutritionist to help me figure out the whole gluten free diet, but i was wondering if anyone with the disease...
  17. EmAitch88

    1. yoga. 2. Celiac disease.

    1. does anyone on here do yoga?? i'm very insterested in starting....for: stress relief, better flexibility, be more fit. also, i heard (don't remember where exactly, i think a health magazine) that certain poses can help with digestive health/circulation and such. 2. i recently visited a...
  18. EmAitch88

    Side cramps?

    side cramps? it doesn't happen very often, but it happened again today..so i thought i'd ask about it! does anyone get side cramps? it happens to me when i'm lying down usually..just curious if this might have anything to do Crohn's, maybe meds. or if it's just a natural thing that happens to...
  19. EmAitch88

    Blood donation.

    blood donation. is it okay to donate blood/plasma when you have Crohns? obviously, if your iron is in check, it's okay to donate. i'm sure it depends on if you are on meds and what kind..but does the disease itself affect the blood you're donating? i have AB negative, which is apparently less...
  20. EmAitch88


    i will sometimes get extremely warm when everyone else around me will be cold or comfortable..i'm curious to find out if this has something to do with Crohns? does anyone else experience this? or is it just me.