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  1. Carrie630

    Still paying attention

    still paying attention I haven't really been writing here lately, mostly because I'm depressed and discouraged. I am reading you all though, and I wish everyone the best. I've been canceling my doctors appointments. I know I have to reschedule them, but I don't exactly have the time off to...
  2. Carrie630

    Fibromyalgia support?

    I thought this might be a good place to ask this, does anyone have suggestions for a good fibro forum like this one? I know I'm not the only one here dx'd with it, so hopefully someone has a suggestion :)
  3. Carrie630

    How much can possibly be in there?

    how much can possibly be in there? This is serious. Sometimes when I am sick, I can tell that everything has left the premises, but sometimes, like this morning, it doesn't seem that is the case. The thing is, and this is gross, I spent 25 minutes pooping and there a mountain in the toilet...
  4. Carrie630

    What's with selling moldy food?!

    I know this isn't Crohn's related but What the ?!@# is up with trying to sell rotten cucumbers on the salad bar and then making my sandwich on (mildly) moldy bread? I'm so grossed out now, I was already nauseous. ugh ugh ugh I was nearly done with my sandwich when I noticed the mold on the...
  5. Carrie630

    OMG Constipation

    I'm not used to this as I get diarrhea everyday, but I've been on this carafate suspension for ulcers for a little over a week now and I can't go to the bathroom worth a damn. I get a pill sized nugget once a day with wicked straining, and I have pain on my left side, front right, and my...
  6. Carrie630

    Another reason why I "can't have Crohn's"

    I made this a separate thread I'm curious about this. More than one person has said recently that Crohn's is a Jewish disease and non-Jews don't get it. As in, "well you're not Jewish so you don't have Crohn's, it's probably diverticulitis or something." (according to the doc its not...
  7. Carrie630

    Stinging/Burning sensation "down there"

    I have a few uncomfortable things happening down below. First, it feels like I have cuts between vagina and anus and around my anus. Also, my anus is all swollen although I think those are hemorrhoids. And there is this crusty feeling bump above my anus. I can't see it of course, and I've...
  8. Carrie630

    People just don't understand

    I was talking to one of my co-worker/friends this morning and mentioned that I'm getting a colonoscopy at the end of the month. So he starts telling me about how disgusting the golytely is (so glad I have miralax) and that going to the bathroom will be painful. So I told him, yeah I know. No...