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  1. cecilialynn

    Mixing Krill oil and Imuran

    Hi Guys ,needing some input. Im on 150 mg's of Imuran and wanted to add krill oil, any advice on how this may interact with my meds as in side effects?? Also I have low blood pressure . Thanks in advance
  2. cecilialynn

    Getting pains lower right abdomen

    Hi , Im on Imuran ,have been on it since Aug 2012. Feeling great until yesterday. So I went golfing and now im having twinges on lower right abdomen, anyone have any suggestions as to what may be going on??? No blood or any other problems to date.
  3. cecilialynn

    Help with belly fat

    hello , i have had 3 surgeries in the same place ,straight up my belly area. So its a few mths later and i am wondering if any one out there can help with info on losing alot of belly fat!!!. I am fairly thin otherwise but have this belly fat which i cannot seem to get rid of. Im 50 yrs old and...
  4. cecilialynn

    Crohns now not colitis!!!

    Ok just got back from my Doc apt , they say 90% chance its crohns now not colitis as they thought for the last 8 yrs. So i start Imuran tomorrow and then I will be going on Remicade as of next week . Every 2 wks for the first 6 wks then twice a mth then down to every 8 wks. My questions are...
  5. cecilialynn

    Flagyl side effects and experiences

    Hi i had my reversal back in Feb ,now they are putting me on Flagyl. I need some advice on this prescription. Anyone on it and any side effects etc. All help is appreciated. Thanks :)
  6. cecilialynn

    Need advice

    Ok so my surgery was back in Feb for my reconnection. Was orginally diagonised with U C but now maybe crohns. I was doing quite well till about 3 wks ago, everything started to fall apart. Way too much diahrea, bloody stools, spasms in lower abdomen and some gas. Every hr on the hr im in the...
  7. cecilialynn

    Needing help,very frustrated.

    needing help,very frustrated. Hey here goes again. Was happy to have my reversal back in Feb. Was feeling pretty good too until a few wks ago. Talked about this in another forum.I started having blood showing up in my stool which became mostly diarheoa, went to c surgeon and she said she would...
  8. cecilialynn


    help Hello, so i just had surgery in Feb all is going pretty good except now im feeling cramps in my lower abdomen and getting little bits of blood when i wipe. Has anyone else had this issue and if so is this normal?. I could really use your help. Just a note, I have been splitting my...
  9. cecilialynn


    Hi all, just got home from surgery. It was back on Feb 20th 2012, after the fact i ended up with a NG Tube twice because of a sleepy bowel. They reconnected me and i no longer have a bag. It really helped at the time but i dont think i will miss it. I am wondering if anyone has had the similiar...
  10. cecilialynn


    Hello all. Ok so I need some answers from anyone out there who has had the reversal after 7 mths of a ostomy bag. Wondering how you felt afterwards, how long for the healing, how often you had to go to the washroom, eating certain foods and if they bothered you, Meds and warfarin( If you had to...
  11. cecilialynn

    Too much liquid

    Ok I havnt been on here much, i have been very lucky to have things working well. Now though .all day long I have been having way too much liquid coming out of my stoma,which is sending me to the washroom on a hourly basis. Sounds like alot of gas, much gurgling going on. Not having any other...
  12. cecilialynn


    hello, i can really use advice.Iam on warfarin and my hair is coming out in clumps.:depressed: wondering about B12? also i have infection called poyaderma gangregousan ,i think thats the spelling. anyways its infected towards the left facing my bellybutton, i use flovent and am back on...
  13. cecilialynn


    Hi ok so im back , i need some answers. I am on warfarin since Aug 15th, now my hair is coming out in clumps ,very depressing to say the least. I cried all morning. On top of that i have what is called Pyoderma Gangrenosun on the left side of my stoma towards belly button, needless to say its...
  14. cecilialynn

    Need advice.

    Hello has anyone had a infection near stoma. ? I believe its called PYODERMA GANGRENOSUM. Have to use steroid puffer on the infection.Looks pretty grosse to me ,any advice on how to let it heal when there is my 2 pc ostomy bag covering the spot. Also i have a bad ache "like a stitch" on my right...
  15. cecilialynn


    help Heelo i need some info , I have had my ostomy bag since July 20th. Lately have been having lots of gas and the bag works well but this morn i actually felt like i had to go to the washroom,so i did and i had a bowel movement. It was small and greyish no blood. I have been informed that...
  16. cecilialynn


    surgery Hi , just got out of the hospital after 18 day stay. My UC was so bad ,nothing helped ended up having a colonoscopy and that following afternoon ruptured my colon ,needless to say emerg surgery and now i have a Ileostomy at least for the next 6 mths. It was going to be Remicade the...
  17. cecilialynn

    On a new drug (Imuran)

    Hello , so i just got back from my specialist and she has put me on Imuran and has taken me off Salofalk. Can anyone tell me how they feel after being on this drug?. She explained the ins and outs but would like some input from people who are on this. I am also back up to 8 prednisones per...
  18. cecilialynn

    Sick and tired..

    sick and tired.. Hi can anyone explain why I am getting another big flare up within a flareup from Colitis. I was on 8 prednisones for 2 wks then have been tapering off 1 each wk. I was feeling pretty good then as i got down to 3 it just started to act up . I am in more pain now then ever.I am...
  19. cecilialynn

    I feel your pain.

    Hello i just came across this site and am happy to see that there is somewhere to relate with others who have the same illnesses. I have had uc since Sept of 2003. I have just had another flare up since the end of April, still fighting it. I too stay away from food ,i will feel the pain start as...