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  1. Domsmom

    Worried and need someone to talk to (neck lump)

    So...I'm one of those horrible members who only comes on here for moral support when I have worries and have no idea who to talk to. Anyway, I'm on Remicade and I found a lump in my neck. I went for blood work yesterday and am waiting to have an ultrasound booked. I'm scared out of my mind...
  2. Domsmom

    Constipation post resection

    I'm almost 6 weeks post surgery and for the past 2 weeks have been becoming increasingly constipated. I'm drinking lots of water and eating tons of fruits and veggies, but having a BM only every 2-3 days. I expected things to go the other way after having 50 cm of my small intestine removed...
  3. Domsmom

    Thinking about starting-any suggestions?

    I have started researching the SCD diet. I am a wife and mom to 3 small children (all under 5). I love food and since my recent flare and subsequent surgery want to try to control my diet (and the diet of my famil) better. More fruits and veggies, less sugars and starches. But I really feel...
  4. Domsmom

    Passing staples

    Among the weirdest things I've ever asked. Has anyone else passed staples post surgery? They are quite tiny and look like the letter B. I didn't even know (until today) that my innards were put back together with staples!!
  5. Domsmom

    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    I've never read this before, but since my recent bout in hospital and surgery, I always felt like a nuisance. One day my aunt told me, "the only one who thinks you're a nuisance is you!" I learned how loved and supported I was! Thank you Dusty! Your children are blessed to have a mother like...
  6. Domsmom

    Did you start meds soon after your surgery?

    I am almost 4 weeks post-surgery. I saw my GI and the surgeon this week for follow up. My GI wants me to start Remicade as soon as possible. My surgeon says he believes I am Crohn's free at the moment. They both say there is a 90% chance of recurrence. I say there is a 10% chance it's gone...
  7. Domsmom

    Allergic Reaction to TPN?

    Has anyone ever had an allergic reaction to TPN? I started it last Tuesday and started getting a rash on my forearms Thursday. Now it's my arms, neck, face/head. It's getting very itchy. I thought it was from Nystatin I was taking for thrush, but I haven't had it for 24 hours and the rash is...
  8. Domsmom

    In Hospital (3 weeks+) waiting for surgery and looking for advice/support

    So I have been steadily losing weight for over a year. Started at 185. I have never lost weight easily and my Crohn's has never been much more than a nuisance. I started to notice I was more tired and in August 2013 that I was feeling full quickly. Went to family doc. Started running tests...
  9. Domsmom

    Please help!! Something is going on...not sure what to do :(

    I haven't been here in so long! I thought I had control over things. I haven't been feeling good for some time (almost since I had my third child 19 mo ago). I lost weight rapidly after, from a pregnancy weight of 185 to a current 160. Severe fatigue which I attributed to getting up several...
  10. Domsmom

    Feeling a little blue

    Hello all, I know I've been MIA, but I also know this is a wonderful place to come for support and advice. My CD is fairly stable, but I wouldn't say in remission at the moment....if it's even Crohn's. Since Feb. I've been having terrible joint pain...hands and feet especially. I was finally...
  11. Domsmom

    I'm pretty sure my body hates me!

    Hello all. This is somewhat of a vent, but I'm also looking for anyone who has experienced similar symptoms. If you've followed me at all, you a know a little of my story, but if you haven't, I'll write a brief update. I'm a 25 yo, have 2 children, sahm. We'd love to have another, but I need...
  12. Domsmom

    Lyme disease

    Has anyone ever been tested for Lyme disease?
  13. Domsmom

    URGENT pls read!

    I'm going through colonoscopy prep. While on the toilet 20 minutes ago I suddenly got really sweaty, nauseous, pale, and crazy weak...I fell off the toilet. I managed to convince my 2 year old to get the phone and called dh to come home. I tried to. Call the endoscopy unit with no answer. I...
  14. Domsmom

    Dreading a colonoscopy

    So tomorrow is the big day! I'm in the middle of prep now. One positive thing to say is that pico is waaaaaayyyyyy better than klean prep!!! I'm about to take my second dose, and I'm not at all dreading it. I know I'm still a crohn's newbie in many ways. This is only my second colonoscopy...
  15. Domsmom

    Question for the ladies re: colonoscopy

    Hi, This might seem like a really stupid question, but I need to ask it. I think flo is on her way, and I have a colonoscopy on Tuesday:yrolleyes: should I cancel? Call and see what they say? Wait to make sure? Due to babies I have only had 3 in the last year....and I really didn't miss it!!!!!
  16. Domsmom

    Why does crohn's make no sense sometimes??

    So I've been feeling crappy (no pun intended) the last few days...but due to my limited diet, I continue to eat food that doesn't necessarily agree with my cd, but is part of the ultrainflamx diet. Yesterday I ate a spinach salad, grapes with skin, and broccoli....today, I feel a bit yucky, but...
  17. Domsmom

    Arthritis questions

    Does anyone have Crohns related arthritis? (not just joint pain from prednisone). If you do could you give me some info? In the past 3 weeks I hav been having some severe pain in my back, feet, and ankles, thumbs, middle finger, and neck most commonly. After being immobile for any amount of...
  18. Domsmom

    Pain, nausea, D, and vomitting

    I have a quick question... Does anyone else feel fine most of the time, and then suddenly ha e severe mid-abdominal cramping, nausea, watery, loose stools, an sometimes vomitting, and the chills sometimes to? I keep thinking that I have the flu...this has happened 4 times in the last 2 months...
  19. Domsmom

    Where does Crohn's come from?

    I know that there is millions of dollars of research going into this, but I would love to know if there is a common thread between us that could possibly be a cause. If you have a chance please answer these questions and/ or add your own. 1. Were you around a lot of second hand smoke as a child...
  20. Domsmom

    Curious about Imuran/Azathioprine

    How many people has it worked for vs. how many people have had side effects? It gave me pancreatitis and from scanning the site, it seems like many people have not been able to stay on it for long. It seems crazy that they are able to prescribe something that causes so many problems, though...