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  1. Grumbly-Guts

    Those damn receptionists at the doctor's office!!!

    So I am sure we have all had our run-ins with those idiot receptionists that think b/c they work in the clinic they understand everything you're saying! They don't and they should not have permission to decide "how long" you should have to wait to see the specialist. SO, most of us know you can...
  2. Grumbly-Guts

    8 Days no food, please help

    Ok, So to sum it up I flared right before x-mas and tried to ride it out, I failed and my ONLY option at the time was cipro and flagyl. They scare me as I had developed C Diff and psuedomembraneous colitis after taking them for flares in the past. So I sucked it up and took the buggers! Guess...
  3. Grumbly-Guts

    Funny or Odd things that happened to you after GA for surgery?

    I would love to have a good laugh as I am sure most of you would as well, at the funny or odd things that happened to us after general anaesthetic for surgery (including testing). I was born right handed (another poll made me think of this lol), and after my 2nd surgery (3 days after my 1st)...
  4. Grumbly-Guts

    Do you find you flare the same time each year? Weather changes affect flare?

    Have found I always seem to completely obstruct during the summer; and flare BAD during the start of winter and roughly, straight through to spring. Has anyone else found there to be a correlation of the weather, and/or seasons with their IBD? I know Thanksgiving and Christmas usuall set most...
  5. Grumbly-Guts

    Who had IBS prior to developing/being diagnosed with Crohn's?

    Were any of you dx with IBS prior to developing or being dx with IBD? If so, then how long between each dx? And do you think IBS led to IBD? And Why? My daughter is 11 1/2, she has had chronic constipation since 1week old. She was on EVERYTHING when she was baby/toddler up to adult dosages...
  6. Grumbly-Guts

    Is there really such a thing as the "Crohn's Disease Treatment Pyramid"?

    I know this may sound like an off the wall q, but I have to ask. After reading through several threads for awhile (lurking i guess hehe) I am finding myself to question what my GI has told me about treatment/medication options. I was and still am being told that there is what is referred to as...
  7. Grumbly-Guts

    Flare-ups and frustrations!! PLEASE give me some advice, anything?

    Hi all I have a question regarding my flare-up. First here is a brief hx: dx 2006, symptoms for 15yrs med resistant, (allergic to methotrexate, disease has been too severe for pentasa, immuran. Steroid psychosis-no matter dose or route of administration, docs say I can't have biologicals as I...