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  1. Manimation

    How I've finally stabilized.

    Hey gang. I know, I know. I'm terrible at message boards. I've disappeared for about half a year and it's for whatever reason hard for me to keep up with these things on a regular basis. I have been meaning to share some info though, in the hopes it may help some people, and also say hi and...
  2. Manimation

    So much for that...Questions.

    Looks like I'm having a flare, just as my gut was really settling down the last few weeks. I had a really bad cold last week and as soon as it went away my gut started giving me some real pain and I've had diahrea sans blood. I went to the ER this morning because the pain was so strong and...
  3. Manimation

    New doc, no criminal record!

    Hey guys! I took a bit of a break from computers over christmas and new years so maybe my eyes wont fry before I'm 30. It's good to be back and posting my update in the general discussion forum as opposed to the support forum. I saw my new GI last week and he did real actual doctor shit! I...
  4. Manimation

    This was my GI doc for the last 4 months.

    http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2007/05/dr_no_good.php and I thought "Rosenberg" would be a safe name ;) I think the case is ongoing still, and he's still practicing it seems. On friday I printed the article out, took it to my general practitioner, and told him on top of the fact this...
  5. Manimation

    New Jersey: Bad for Crohns.

    Just yukkin. Apologies for being away from the forum for a while. I visited my mom in Jersey for a week, and, as expected, it was an incredibly stressful week. I felt abdominal pains returning on the flights back home. I also finally saw my new GI doc after waiting months to transfer to...
  6. Manimation

    Gas/Health Insurance

    Anyone here ever get gas buildup in their intestines so bad it feels like a flareup? Lately I've been getting some sharp heavy pains but I will feel a ton of bubbles moving around and when I release during the day I usually feel better the next. My friend's mom once thought she was having a...
  7. Manimation

    We're a buncha Crohnies

    I am finally getting around to making my intro post. I joined a few days ago. Support groups have never been my thing. I've always dealt with my crap internally and managed to compress, deal with, and dispose of issues pretty efficiently. But it figures, I turned 25, had a quarterlife...