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  1. krahsdnal

    Remicade - How do you feel immediately afterwards

    How do you feel after having the remicade treatments? I have noticed that I am more fatigued than normal and would love to just nap the day away. Also seem to get the chills, anyone else?
  2. krahsdnal


    I met with the surgeon that is going to do the bowel resection. I was expecting a prep similar to a colonoscopy, but no. He said just a liquid diet and that I would be on soft foods before I left the hospital. I thought that they would not want me to eat so to not irritate the area where they...
  3. krahsdnal

    Newby on here, oldbywith CD

    I was diagnosed with CD in 1986, and hospitalized in 1988 and 1993 for one week while they pumped me full of meds to control the inflamation. Prednizone, asulfadine, pentasa, now I am on remicade and have been for about 4 years. I have had a recent flare up, during the tests it was also noted...