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  1. kossy

    All of you rock!

    I've had an ileostomy for over ten years now. I've been through a lot of crazy things, a lot of the times I had to figure solutions out myself a long time ago. I felt like an ostomy Mcgyver at times. I wouldn't say I thought I knew it all, but I thought I knew quite a bit. Everytime I come on...
  2. kossy


    Fun with Appliances! Does any one else have some kind of quirks when it comes to their ostomy? Psychologically I sometimes think my bag is my "security blanket." I catch myself just putting my hand over may stoma, touch my bag, always adjusting how its hanging even when non of this is...
  3. kossy

    Strange dreams

    So the last few night when I fall asleep I am having crazy flash back dreams. I am having very vivid dreams of when I was about 5-6 years old laying in my bed/floor of my childhood room balling my eyes out in utter pain. I mean exactly what I did back then. When I wake up I am curled in a...
  4. kossy

    The Real Cost of a Bag

    Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing well. I just need to vent a little anger right now. It's been just over ten years living with an ostomy. I really can't complain about it, it's saved my life and I am alive because of it. I have always been with insurance, really really great insurance...
  5. kossy


    My Slurppee from 7-11 has a stoma too.
  6. kossy

    How to answer a tricky question.

    The last few months my wife has been asking me the same question over and over. That is if I am afraid I might die because of Crohn's. My responce is no, I am not going to worry about my Crohn's or what might happen to me in the future. That's the truth. I don't have the midset of all the...
  7. kossy

    The Ostomy Commandments

    I believe all of us with an ostomy do certain things for or about our ostomy almost in a relgious fashion. Maybe how we set up and prep during a change or making sure you have some supplies on you before you leave the house for any where. So what is your ostomy commandment? Here is mine...
  8. kossy

    Crohn's isn't always a bad thing.

    Over the past two and a half decades, I'm thirty two now, I have come to just with this disease. I'd Crohn's for almost my whole life, you could say I don't know any better or what it's like living without Crohn's. Either way it's just part of my life. Sure it's not always been a life filled...