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  1. NuttyGuts

    Small bowel resection for possible ileo-ileal fistula?

    Congratulations on getting over that hurdle, Guerrero! An update on my condition is pretty good news. I had a bout of uncomfortable symptoms for a while that a breath test pinpointed as hydrogen SIBO, a condition often faced by folks who have had the ileocecal valve removed. One two week...
  2. NuttyGuts

    Remicade Club Support Group

    Hi Doc, I had surgery last December because Crohn's caused a stricture in my ileum that almost shut it down completely. They took out the ileum, part of the cecum, the ileocecal valve and the appendix. I've been on Remicade now one year. My 8th infusion is coming up early Oct. Along with the...
  3. NuttyGuts

    Inflectra vs Remicade?

    Hi All, Just had surgery in December to remove terminal ileum, ileocecal valve, appendix, and first bit of cecum. Surgeon says all looks good and time to get back on Remicade. When I called the hospital to schedule, they inform me that they are only doing Inflectra now. I had never even heard of...
  4. NuttyGuts

    Remicade and surgery in my future/ Crohn's

    Hi All, I was diagnosed with Crohn's of the terminal ileum in 2014, but am sure I have had this disease most of my adult life. (I became lactose intolerant back in the 1970's and had many urgent diarrhea episodes throughout the years). I was sure I could deal with this condition using diet and...