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    Spondylitis Support Group in New York

    I have teamed up with CCFA which has headquarters in NY to host New York's Spondylitis Education and Support group. The meeting is on Wed., October 17, 2012 at 7pm. The CCFA is on 386 Park Avenue South, 14th Floor New York, NY 10016. Our topic: How to make the most of your 15 minutes...
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    NY Channel 7 medical report on Spondylitis

    This morning Michael Smith of www.Spondyville.com and I tape a report on Spondylitis with Dr. Jay Adlersberg for Channel 7 Eyewitness News. The report should be airing tonight for those in the NYC area. I will post a link to the Channel 7 website when they post the video there. It should be on...
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    for those people with psoriasis, how did it start? 3 weeks ago had a case and it was treated.it was a small dry patch that turned into a large red rash. then last night my entire right side of my chest and abdomen was pealing like a sun burn. I scrubbed the area and moisturized and it is...
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    Dripping blood

    recently I have had dripping bright red blood when i have a bm. No D. recently i have be constipated but I'm not currently. about 3years ago when i was first diagnosed i was told i had a fistula but nothing specifically was ever done about it (not that i'm sure what specifically would be...
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    I hate my stomach

    I have had GERD for over 3 years. I am so done with it. my medication keeps me in some what check only if i eat tiny amounts and nothing with fat sugar or fiber. of course today i had a lovely day with my parents. Went to the botanical gardens and went to there house for dinner. My mother made...
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    so this is a little bit of a vent. Last night i got a dx of possible psoriasis. It is all over my chest and a few spots on my back. I have not just crohn's but ankylosing spondylitis as well. I'm on humira and now i am worried about it failing. have any of you had just a one off case of...
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    Gastroparesis, slow stomach emptying (slightly off topic)

    I think I have gastroparesis. (Gastroparesis is a condition that reduces the ability of the stomach to empty its contents, but there is no blockage (obstruction)) to be dx with it i would need to have another barium test and i think i am still tramatized from the last one. I am full after...
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    Show us your treatment

    Last night while putting my meds together I just want to scream and yell about all meds and how long I've been on them. But thought rather then screaming I would take a picture and share. What do your meds look like? missing is my humira you can use http://tinypic.com/ to attach photos
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    Insurance help need

    My company changed insurance in august. I currently have United. It turns out Questlab is not in network. My doctors who are in network sent my blood work to them (in atleast one case they didn't mean to). I don't feel like I should have to pay as I believe everything I was doing was in...
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    Drug side effects reported to the FDA by people like you

    drug side effects reported to the FDA by people like you http://www.drugcite.com/ reports itself as "See drug side effects reported to the FDA by people like you." seems useful, since I want to the stats behind the side effects Humira
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    Hip and leg pain

    hip and leg pain I don't know how AS related this is but i think this might be back and SI related today at lunch my left inner thigh felt like there was a thousand bee stings. like a very bad rash almost. It started in my back butt check and wrapped around my hip and down my pevis/ groin to...
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    Year anniversary

    year anniversary As i sit with my pen infront of me. I realize i have been taking Humira on weekly for a year (as of last week) and humira for year and half (it's only been working for 8 months or so). So happy anniversary to me! I have done really well with it up until the beginning of...
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    Memoir where author has crohn's

    memoir where author has crohn's I started My Year Inside Radical Islam: A Memoir and the author Daveed Gartenstein-Ross talks about crohn's being a crohn's being a life changing event. Book may not be for everyone but he said that I did get a little excited and want to read more...
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    Stomach pain

    stomach pain I hate my stomach! It does what every it wants, and behaves just often enough for me to think it's getting better and the wham it goes right back to being miserable. I have so much acid i can feel it moving around and top of that my stomach does something between cramping and...
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    Disconnect between science and alt treatments

    disconnect between science and alt treatments The radioshow This American Life did a program called "so crazy it just might work" it had a cancer researcher and a musician that tried to cure cancer. The musician was sure he cured cancer but the researcher didn't think there was enough info to...
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    Non compliance with medication

    non compliance with medication I am full of questions today... In dec/jan i was RX MTX I took it for maybe 2 months and then stopped. I decided it was giving me headaches, since blaming the humira seemed not useful, so i blamed it and stopped. It was also the med that put me over the edge of...
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    When to go to the GI and how to describe a stomach ache

    when to go to the GI and how to describe a stomach ache My stomach has been acting funky. started with horrible heartburn and has morphed into a bad stomach ache after i eat. the later part is surprisingly worse. mainly because heartburn has an effect immediately and i can stop eating the...
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    tmj Last week i was tricked by my dentist into getting a night guard. I am not happy with the idea and don't know how much i would use it. He didn't give me many options. So i had the mold made. Being so upset about it called to have it put on hold. I am now rethinking it again. I only have...
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    Dr. William Wolff, Colonoscopy Co-Developer, Dies at 94

    Dr. William Wolff, Colonoscopy Co-Developer, Dies at 94 By DOUGLAS MARTIN Dr. William I. Wolff, who with a colleague revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer by developing the colonoscopy as the procedure is practiced today, died on Aug. 20 at his home in Manhattan. He was 94...
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    Left side pain

    left side pain I have a lot of rib pain from AS but some times I have this pain that is under my ribs and on my left side. I wish it away as rib pain that I'm confused about, or related to a ovarian cyst which i don't have but the pain reminds me of one i had in the past. I've been seeing...