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  1. kskitt

    :( need to vent

    Im sick of it! Ive battled so hard to not let the crohns win, but i just cant see throught it. I know im not as bad as some of you guys on here, but i just cant do it. I wake up constantly through the night the past few weeks, needing to go to the toilet. The Questran does help during the day...
  2. kskitt

    Brown Bread

    hey all :) Just over a week ago i made the decision to swap any white bread during the day, to brown. I also now take a multi vitamin (with probiotics), and my goodness do i see/feel the difference :) My BMs arnt so loose anymore (still have the urgency to go - which is driving me nuts as its...
  3. kskitt

    Questran Users

    Just a quick question to users of questran. Have you been on it long? Im just curious as to wether this is going to be long term treatment, or wether its likely i could need something else if my body gets too "used" to it. Ive been on it for a year now, take one sachet before my lunch and im...
  4. kskitt


    Hi everyone was just reading a few threads and a question popped up into my head - When you go to your appointments with your GI, do you prefer someone going with you or do you prefer going on your own? I personally cant stand my parents coming with me, but i think if a friend offered to go...
  5. kskitt

    Flippin sake

    Ok so i received a phone call from my dietician yesterday and i was advise to go on the low residue diet for a week to see if it helped with the diarreah. Well ok i am willing to try things to see if it will help, but a low res diet - have you not read my diet sheet and the fact that i have...
  6. kskitt

    How do you know if you are in a "flare"

    I saw krs2 How do you know if you are "better"? thread, and was wondering what to look out for if your having a flare, as my GI and surgeon both said that i should have noticed ages ago that i was in a flare, but i didnt notice anything different until the day of admission to the hospital
  7. kskitt

    Anyone had surgery and then been given no medication afterwards?

    hey everyone, saw my consultant today after my surgery on 17th September, and have been given no medication whatsoever! I was wondering if this is a common thing or if i should get a second opinion and get some sort of medication? any help will be muchly appreciated :)
  8. kskitt


    arggghhh im sorry i have to do this ARGGGGGHHHHHH im so fed up, im trying to stay positive and i cant do it, im so depressed atm. I thought that once i had surgery, things would get better - but theyve got worse. Ive never had diarrhoea like this before, even when i wasnt on medication. Its...
  9. kskitt

    Just had surgery :(

    went into hospital on Wednesday 9th September as i was in agony, they firstly thought i had appendisitus, then after a Ultra sound on Friday 11th they said that it was an abcess, so they would do key hole surgery to remove the abcess early the next week and that would be that, which i was really...
  10. kskitt

    Hey, im on budesonide, but just been told they manufacturers arnt suppiling it atm

    hey, im on budesonide, but just been told they manufacturers arnt suppiling it atm so ive been told that im gunna have to go on an alternative, any ideas on what drug that might be? ps anyone else had this happen?
  11. kskitt

    Is anyone going to the NACC meeting on 8th Feb in leeds

    is anyone going to the NACC meeting on 8th Feb in leeds If you are then i shall see you there ps. does anyone know of any good clubs/bars/pubs in leeds
  12. kskitt

    Need a few answers

    need a few answers hey, havnt been on here for a while as i have been so busy with college and work, but there have been a few things bugging me. 1. have you found that certain medication has increased or decreased the chances of getting pregnant 2. have you found that drinking alcohol has...
  13. kskitt

    I am hoping to publish a book with peoples stories about crohns disease

    hi, if anyone would be willing to write their story to be hopefully published in a book, then please email me at stewart_kathryn@tiscali.co.uk and put in the subject "story" also if you know of any children or anyone else that would be willing to, please pass on my email address
  14. kskitt

    Need help with my mum

    need help with my mum hi there. I need some advice to give to my mum as she isnt having too good a time with the crohns Shes been diagnosed for over 30 years now, and has had surgery when she was first diagnosed, and since then has been on codeine phosphate. She had a flare up about 4 years...
  15. kskitt

    Raising money for chrons charity

    raising money for chrons charity hi, im looking to raise money for The National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease and Crohn's In Childhood Research Association. Unfortunatly im a bit unsure of how to raise this money.Im going to do it through justgiving.com Please can ppl post...
  16. kskitt

    Are hot or cold baths better for stomach cramps

    ok i got a few questions 1) Do you find that it helps to have a routine in what time you eat? 2) Which is better, hot or cold baths to help the cramps etc 3) What is your experience with azathiopine? 4) Is there anything that you have found that you could do before you where diagnosed that...
  17. kskitt


    hiya. Just wondering if anyone has been put on Budesonide and what they have found it is like.
  18. kskitt


    periods? has anyone else had any problems with their periods? i was taken off the contraceptive pill back in january due to the blood clots in my leg being found, but since then i have had no periods, not even a tiny one.
  19. kskitt

    Help with finding good/bad foods

    help with finding good/bad foods just wanted to know what people have found to be good and bad foods.I have only just been diagnosed so am still in the learning process
  20. kskitt

    19 and diagnosed

    well here i am, 19 and just been diagnosed with chrons. its taken nearly 7 months for me to get a final diagnose,but i am glad that i now know what is wrong. it all started back at the beginning of november 2006 when i started loseing weight, being sick for no apparent reason and not being able...