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    Increased Diarrhea and Fatigue on Paleo

    I am a big believer in Paleo/SCD to help with inflammation and have tried to encourage my husband, who has Crohn's, to adopt the diet. After his last dismal MRI, he's willing to try dietary changes to avoid surgery. The problem is that when he switches to Paleo/SCD, he gets unrelenting diarrhea...
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    Can A Flare Last Only Hours?

    Is there such a thing as a flare that lasts only a few hours? I always understood flares in terms of weeks or months. My husband, who has had Crohn's for 5+ years, routinely gets periods of high intensity pain that cause vomitting and inability to funtion to the point where he goes to the ER for...
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    Hello - New to Forum

    Hello - My husband was officially diagnosed with Crohn's Disease 4 or so years ago, although all the "fun" had been going on long before that. I've actually long harbored the feeling that I broke him since the intensity and frequency of the symtoms seemed to increase once I entered the picture...