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    Hernia what did I do wrong

    Doc. said he can feel a small hernia when he pushed on/around my stoma. Can't find threads on hernia only know about hernia belts.:ybatty:
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    medicine Just wondering what others do with there supplies or meds. if they have extra or don't need any longer. I know there are certain laws but there are so many that can't afford some. Does anyone know about certain laws were they make exceptions? :emot-cop:
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    Urgent please

    urgent please ok had par blockage before and i pretty much know how it feels throw up massive pain . well this time I'm not sure if i need to call doc. been haven trouble going and bleching for the past four hours nonstop only vomitied once and I took some gas x plus walking back and forth and...
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    surgery Well found out surgery date Feb. 7th posted a thread already but can't find it. Anyhow its not like i haven't had surgery before ha ha . Don't know why panic just set in. thanks to everyone for all the threads i've been reading it is so helpful. thanks thanks thanks
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    fissure Today my Doctor gave me nitroglycerin Ointment to heal my fissures. So that once they are healed then I can go ahead with my scope. Just haven't seen any post on Nitro. before? Has anyone else been given that before and did it help.
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    Hepitic c

    hepitic c p
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    Need help again with threads

    need help again with threads p
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    What would happen if I taperd myself

    what would happen if I taperd myself p
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    Bile salt

    bile salt p
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    Sorry an other question

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    Jettaldy or merrtwidow

    jettaldy or merrtwidow thank you for responding I went to fourm skin and tried use formun defaut and defaut style doesn't work is it my computer or is there something else i can try:voodoo:
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    help p
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    Is anyone else haveing problems reading threads

    can't open up lots of threads and can't contact help or work refress botton.
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    Is anyone else haveing problems reading threads

    can't open up lots of threads and can't contact help or work refress botton.
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    Pain in the butt

    pain in the butt Could use some feed back. I don't like this pred. stuff is it me or the meds. My heart races, My mind wants to work but seems like I,m stuck , can't stay focused, pacing around not getting anything done, hard to consuntrate, my lips and tip of tounge feel kinda numb and funny...
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    My long story later but

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    Not sure

    not sure Not sure whats considered remission ? Talked to doctor on phone breifly he asked how I was doing . Told him two days ago had some normal bm for the first time in year and a half yet very painful , but yesterday and today more like paste and runny also my attacks are way less . still...
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    Doctor said I had

    doctor said I had p