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    Fresh Blood

    hi all Sorry to be so direct but need some advice. Currently on Humira which is working well keeping my Crohns incheck. However recently I have been noticing a very small amount of fresh blood on the loo paper after going. I sometime has a very itching anus as well This has been on and off...
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    Stopped smoking and now flare

    I have had crohns for over 8 years and managed to control it pretty while through various means (Humira ect ect). I gave up smoking before I was diagnosed however I started smoking again (I know..I know..I know stupid boy!!). I started about 2 years ago but very lightly. Maybe about 5 a day...
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    Calmoseptine equivalent

    Hi there I live in the UK and have ordered Calmoseptine cream from the US many times previously as it have been a godsend for me - nothing I have found in the UK has been nearly as effective. I have some on order however it has been delayed and I wont be getting for a couple fo weeks. The...
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    Food Help

    Hi all The time has come where I really need to look at my diet to try and feel better and get a grip on my symptoms I have spent so many hours trawling the internet for the best diets, foods to avoid, foods to eat, when and what to eat ect ect and it is so confusing. I also have a family...
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    Well Done Dynamo

    Massive respect for Dynamo in making people aware of Crohns and the medication side effects. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43554315
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    How to deal with IBS when I have Crohns

    Hi there Been a Crohnie for many years now. Had a resection about 5 years ago, it came back with vengeance within a couple of months of the operation to remove the Ileum. Have been on Humira for the past few years with great results and all tests are clear and living a fairly normal...
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    Still Loose after Surgery

    Hi all I had resection surgery about 5 years ago now. I have the ileum removed which I know removes the ability to absorb bile acids. Ever since the operation i have struggled with watery/loose stools that absolutely stink! I have tried a few things although nothing seems to work, I have...
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    Panic Stations

    So not been around for a good while as the Crohns has been well under control and just been living a normal life..yaay! However last few weeks I have been have really painful, frequent D mainly after eating. Feeling weel within myself and all my blood work is normal so my thoughts are that is...
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    Strange Humira....

    Been on Humira for about 2 years and it has been an absolute live saver. No side effects whatsoever. Its been fantastic. Just recently however I have began feeling very nauseous along with a light-headed, almost swimming feeling. Like being in a washing machine/hung over. There is no...
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    Grrrrrr $%")"&"()_)"(&*

    Been on Humira for 2 years and enjoying live to the full, its been wonderful spending quality time with my 2 boys and my wonderful wife. Last 2 weeks, lost loads of weight, poo'ing through the eye of a needle and that oo so familiar stomach pain. Does this sound like my stupid mind of its own...
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    Going Good

    Hi all Not been on for a while as things have been great, in complete remission while on Humira and just getting on with things However...way before I was diagnosed around 4 years ago I used to suffer with really bad itching around the anus, especially at night time. It comes and goes...
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    Old News!

    http://www.ksat.com/content/pns/ksat/lifestyle/health/2015/01/closing-in-on-a-cure-for-crohn-s--map.html Seriously?? Dr Hermon-Taylor has been on this for years! http://crohnsmapvaccine.com/
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    Humira and Flaring

    Grrrrr so annoyed right now!!! Been on Humira for a little over a year with great results however over the past few days I have been hurting pretty bad. I am sooo hoping it is only because of a busy Halloween and guy forks night and I am very tied!! IS it possible to flare while on humira? I...
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    A bit lost and confused

    I was wondering if you still get flares with Humira? I have been on it for around 8 months now, although it took a while to start working it has helped alot and I have felt great..however I do still get times when I have issues with diarrhoea and stomach cramps which make me start wot worry...
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    Still the BIG D

    I have been on HUmira now for coming up to 4 months and without tempting fate I having much less pain and bloating and the urgency has decreased considerably as well however..... When I do go it is always the big D. Coudple of questions I have are: I had a resection a couple of years ago...
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    Strange things

    Bit of a strange one this so I hope somebody can help put my racing mind at ease. I have been on Humira for around 3 months, after my first loading dose (4 injections) I really felt like I was feeling a benefit and I felt pretty good. Since my regular fortnightly dose although I still feel...
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    Diet Advice

    I live in the UK and have had crohns for 4 years. I have been on all meds and had one resection. Currently on Humira(started 12 weeks ago) and not really feeling any benefits. I suppose I have always knew that one day I would have to change my lifestyle/diet ect and I know that day is now here...
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    Possible new treatment

    There is always a little hope for all of us!! http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20140218-902329.html
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    The never ending cold.....

    Has anyb ody got any tips to get rid of this dam cold. I have had it since Christmas and I just cant shake it. I am still taking my fortnightly injection on instruction from my GI. I just cant shake it and it is dragging me down. I even had a course of antibiotics but that did not help any.
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    How do you do it?

    Hi all I have been in and around the forums for a while now but never visted this section. I have been having a bit of a bad time with my crohns over recent years/months but like all of us I try to keep my head raised high, stay positive and try to enjoy life the best I can. I have 2 beautiful...