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    Which symptoms are prednisone and which are flare related?

    Trying to figure out what was actually the disease and what was the prednisone....your input would be greatly appreciated. Started on 40 mg and tapered to 0. So....brain fog , heart racing, probably prednisone? Feeling out of it, spacey....prednisone or flare? Was originally going 10x/day with...
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    Any suggestions for EEN besides Kate Farms?

    I'm still in a flare and need help!
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    Will Stelara take care of bleeding?

    Hi...I am waiting for the Stelara to "kick in" as the GI says. I was on prednisone for 2 1/2 mos. and am still bleeding and running to the b-room 1-4x/day. She says the Stelara hasn't kicked in yet. I took the original infusion 7 weeks ago and am doing a self injection this week. Is the Stelara...
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    Any harm in going straight from prednisone to budesonide?

    I am having side effects from prednisone and have been on it for about 2.5 months. Now at 10 mg and GI said I could switch to budesonide immediately. Are there any ill effects? I questioned it but they said no. Wouldn't I be getting withdrawal symptoms from going off the prednisone immediately...
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    Does anyone know if 10mg prednisone is still immunocompromising?

    Hi! I went on prednisone about a month ago and got sick, seems like some virus. I wasn't feeling horrible but have gotten worse, now am tapering off prednisone but still have fevers around 99. I did get an infusion of Stelara on 12/09/20 (first infusion) and the GI says she has never had anyone...
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    What if you need antibiotics while in a flare? Do you take them intravenously?

    Hi...I went into a flare and got a sinus infection from all the dehydration. The ENT doc gave me a topical antibiotic for the sinus infection but it is just keeping the infection at bay. I certainly don't want to take oral antibiotics now (and they may have contributed to the onset of disease as...
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    What Do You Attribute Your Flares To?

    Do you think it's stress, food, or none of the above?
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    How much blood is too much blood?

    Hi...diagnosed with Crohn's over summer. Symptoms not awful, no pain or nausea, some blood in stool and on toilet paper. Took 1 1/2 mos. of budesonide and went on sulfasalazine. Had a horrible reaction to sulfasalazine and have been off since September and not on anything else. All was going...