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  1. pjmel

    What does remission feel like?

    Just wondering what other people experience when they are in remission? I have no idea if I am or not.....last time I thought I was doing ok I had a huge mass of inflammation and had to have surgery, now am on humira, along with imuran which I have taken for years. I still get occassional pain...
  2. pjmel

    Iron supplements

    Just wondering if anyone has found any iron supplements that do not cause too many side effects? I have taken several different ones, even one with Vitamin C which I was told would help with absorption and cause less nausea. Usually within 2 - 3 days of starting on these supplements I start to...
  3. pjmel

    About me

    Hi all. I am new to this site, definitely not new to Crohn's. I was diagnosed in 1997 after about 6 months of hell - pain, vomiting, d's, no appetite, losing weight all the usual symptoms. My doctors were certain I had IBS, and it wasn't until I mentioned that I had a cousin with some disease...