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    I went to the extreme - Changing home environment to control symptoms

    hi. my crohns usually flares worse with stress. so ive tried things to reduce stress. massage, yoga, martial arts, writing, painting, meditation, nature walks, etc. even moving from a small city to a mountain. while i was in the mts i began to heal. i only had a tv(which come to find out...
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    Question - Conventional or Natural Therapies?

    I asked this question in the wrong place so im going to post it here. conventional or natural? since i study human behavior as a hobby, im wondering why people put sole faith and trust into drs and the modern medical system? or naturopathic? ive had very few good drs. and over 5,000,000 million...
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    Cyst on my eye?

    ive been flaring for awhile and this strange bump came up under my lower eye lid. is pretty big. also having blurry vision. i havent been to the eye doc yet so im wondering if anyone knows what this is or experienced the same thing.? thanks!:ybatty:
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    No support im lost

    hey guys. ranting and raving due to my current situation. im bitter. i live with my 2 fiends, which im grateful for thm letting me stay here,husband,and my beautiful 4 yr old. my husband and i are having a rocky time hes been causing alot of stress lately. ive been flaring for awhile.this year...
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    Flaring and my skin feels like fire?

    hey. ive been flaring strong the last couple months. d 3-10 times a day. been having d on and off for 8 months. recently just got a bad cold turned to asthmatic bronchitis. in the midst of all this bone muscle aches and my skin on my thighs feels like its on fire. hot to the touch. i have...
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    My fathers expectaions. i need help.

    my mind is in constant battle with thaughts of my dad. im 37 have had symptoms of cd since i was 4. diagnosed in 97. was always a sick underweight child. had strep throat 8 times one yr and had tonsils removed. i always looked up to my dad. he always has been a workaholic. he doesnt let things...
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    Plaque psoriasis

    ive had psoriasis since i can remember on and off. 4 yrs old i remember the first pathches. i was wondering if it is a direct link between crohns and this is also a autoimmune disease? i remember having d at age 4 also. im 37 now and the psoriasis has been flaring over 10 yrs except in cases of...
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    Im allergic to crohns meds,any advice?

    crohns meds have given me serious allergic reactions from hives pancreatitis and serum sickness ,im at a loss as to what to do next.been flaring for awhile now, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    New to this

    hi.it is good to have found this sight. ive never spoke to anyone else who has crohns so this is a joy. ive had crohns since preteens but wasnt diagnosed until age 20. im now 36. its been a very hard road. im at my wits end and feeling very alone. im having a flare which is terrifying for me as...