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  1. lsgs

    Gall bladder surgery/liver biopsy

    I had keyhole gall bladder removal and liver biopsy last Monday. At the same time the surgeon also removed a lymph node for testing. Things had been progressing well (now 6 days post op) and I was largely off painkillers. But the past two days I've been having horrible abdominal pain kind of...
  2. lsgs

    Glasgow! (Calling all weegies!)

    I need a recommendation for a gastroenterologist in Glasgow who will not run at the first sight of a complex case. Can anyone recommend a gastro in Glasgow they've seen who is genuinely interested , approachable and empathetic? PM me if you don't want to post here. Thanks! :)
  3. lsgs

    Opiates and LDN

    Does anyone know if you can take opiates and ldn if you leave a long enough gap? Took ldn this morning, it's now 7:40pm and I'm going off my head with pain, just want a break. Anyone?
  4. lsgs

    What would you think?

    Having just had an extremely frustrating gastro appointment which I wish I had never gone to, I wanted you guys opinions on what my clinical picture now is... 1) High calprotectin 2) Intermittently raised liver enzymes and positive AMA 3) Recurrent cholecystitis 4) High ESR 5) Folate deficiency...
  5. lsgs

    Cholecystitis/Biliary Colic

    I hope it's okay to post about this since it's associated with IBD. Has anyone had gall bladder problems? I had an acutely painful belly with radiation to my shoulder which was diagnosed as 'cholecystitis with diaphragmatic irritation'. Just before this episode and still to this day I am...
  6. lsgs

    Good things about Aza?

    So I'm on the cusp of being diagnosed. I'm probably not going to be diagnosed with crohn's or colitis but a more generic 'inflammatory bowel disease' and now unfortunately ankylosing spondylitis. As such I'm due to be going on azathioprine after I have a spine/pelvis MRI. If there's...
  7. lsgs

    New Symptoms - Should I be worried?

    Hi guys, background is I'm undiagnosed but my ESR and faecal calprotectin are high. I don't see a gastro till 25th November. Since coming of steroids I have been getting gradually worse. Now I've having pretty intense episodes of pain (not controlled by dihydrocodeine and paracetamol)...
  8. lsgs

    Doctor Advice

    I'm looking for some advice about whether you would switch GI's in my situation - sorry it's long. I'm hesitant because I've been seeing the same guy for 5 years, but in that time frame have had 2 second opinions. GI 1 is the first GI I ever saw. Tested me extensively but ignored several...
  9. lsgs

    Exercise and Reflux

    I am being driven MAD by reflux (in general but especially when exercising) Has anyone experienced this, or has anyone found a solution? I'm strongly considering going to my GP to see if they have any suggestions. I'm trying to lose my pred weight and everytime I go for a cycle I end up...
  10. lsgs

    Losing weight after Pred

    How long did it take you to start losing weight after pred? I'm quite confused, my weight was stable for a few months on low dose pred (i.e. staying the same) Then I took up cycling to try to lose some weight and kept count of my calories etc and suddenly I'm gaining? Any explanations? I've...
  11. lsgs

    Frustrated with partner

    I'm just needing a good vent here and to hear from people who've been in a similar situation. I appreciate that my husband is 25 and probably did not expect to be facing up to what we have to on a daily basis. And I do get that I do not fulfill my wifely duties as I should because I spend most...
  12. lsgs

    Creon (pancreatic enzymes)

    Hi guys, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I was wondering if anyone has taken pancreatic enzymes and how you tolerated them? Seems they can cause the same symptoms I'm trying to get rid of! Thanks :)
  13. lsgs

    Opinions on my latest GI visit

    Just looking for some opinions really, last time I saw my GI he asked me to go away and decide if I wanted to go on aza. This visit he said that aza wasn't the way forward because 1) he believes my improvement on steroids has been due to the feeling of wellbeing they give you (this is despite...
  14. lsgs

    Does pred get less effective?

    I've been on prednisolone for 9 months or so now and after my last taper when I got down to 7mg, I've never really recovered. I was bumped back up to 30mg and did a quick taper (5mg every 4days) and now I'm on 13mg. Tonight my pain has been extreme although it's still controlling my diarrhoea...
  15. lsgs

    Liver problems

    Hi guys, I'm just realising now how little my GI has told me over the years. I recently found out that in addition to high AST/ALT (transaminitis) which has been ongoing for years, I am AMA positive (antimitochondrial antibody) I have no idea what this means and has never been explained to...
  16. lsgs

    Advice about doctors

    Ok... I'm really looking for help about my gastro. GI 1 - Have been seeing this guy for about 5 years. He's a nice guy, but has made what I believe are some mistakes in the past such as ignoring high faecal calprotectin, misdiagnosing me as anxious/stressed even when in hospital requiring...
  17. lsgs

    Moon face/weight gain

    Quick question, At what dose of prenisolone does the moon face go away? And when does the weight gain slow down? Is it hard to lose the weight again or does it come off quite easy? I'm so sick of my big fat face!! Cheers!
  18. lsgs

    Pred and nausea?

    For the past week or so I've been getting horrible nausea and loss of appetite. My ibd symptoms have not increased in severity (i.e diarrhea etc) but I do have a little more pain after eating. Could this be pred taper related? I am on my second attempt at tapering off pred. Last time I got to...
  19. lsgs

    MR Enteroclysis (with NJ tube)

    Hi guys, I'm due to be having an MR enteroclysis soon (where they put the liquid in via an NJ tube!) as opposed to an MR enterography where you just drink the stuff. For some reason my GI's say this gives better pictures and is now the gold standard. I'm not pleased at the prospect of...
  20. lsgs

    Aza vs Pred vs LDN

    Hi, I would really appreciate opinions/help choosing treatment!! My GI basically told me to go away and research treatment options in preparation for seeing both him and my rheumatologist in April then we decide between us what the next step is. My backstory is that I have raised...