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    Mix of gut microbes may play role in Crohn's

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    Son feels like he needs to pee, but can't.

    It just started, maybe an hour ago. Does anyone know what this likely means? Thank you!
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    Favorite SCD recipes

    Super easy and Son said this was "very good". :ylol2: Basic Pizza Crust 1 lg egg 1 t olive oil 1 C almond flour 1/4 t salt Mix together well and spread out on a greased baking sheet to a 6" circle. Put the pizza in a cold oven and heat to 300 F. Cook until golden brown and crisy, about 30...
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    Flare or not a flare?

    16 year old diagnosed in March. Got down to 79 lbs. Quickly got up to 100 lbs, but has gone from 105 to 112 several times. Currently 106. Doesn't have much energy at all. Misses school 2 or 3 days a week, but doesn't have pain or discomfort in his stomach hardly at all and bms are perfect...
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    How to save for your child's uncertain future

    I have a few ideas, but I am looking for more. When you become an (almost) empty nester, you can rent out rooms in your home. We are currently recieving rent for 2 bedrooms for $1000 per month. When the third is rented, it's $650 more. If you live near a college, I'd suggest renting to grad...
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    Son had diarrhea today

    It's the first time, since going into remission in May. I know healthy people occasionally get diarrhea...it didn't burn and he felt okay after...only happened once, called the nurse and she said to watch it, see if it happens again. Please send happy thoughts for a normal poop tomorrow...
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    Son FINALLY putting on weight!!!

    My 5' 9" son has hovered around 100 lbs for the past 2 months or so...gets up to 105 then falls back to 95. BUT, he just hit 110 this morning, so I think we've turned a corner! :smile: And I credit the introduction of peanut butter into his diet! I think he's been eating about half a cup a...
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    For those with a loved one suffering with Crohn's

    Have you noticed that it has strenghthened YOU? I am much stronger. I was a very shy person, and still am somewhat shy, but much less so. I've become very goal oriented, now. More organized. When my son was diagnosed, I was in agony and it seems to have toughened me up. I'm doing things...
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    I can't be happy for my successful children

    I just found out my 25 year old son is on his way to Japan. He's an engineer and has traveled a lot for work and pleasure. He is highly paid and wears the best clothes, eats the best food, etc. I want to be happy for him, but I am not. He's done nothing for his little brother, who has...
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    Big medical bills? (Patient Assistance Programs)

    I just saw a little news clip about this. Evidently, if you recieve care at a non-profit hospital, you can be reimbursed for part of the cost of your treatment. One lady owed over $25,000 and it was reduced to $7,000 in a few weeks. They said you can do this even if you have insurance. Be...
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    Anything that makes Crohn's easier!

    1. A Vitamix. With all of the smoothies we make for our son, it is invaluable! Please list yours! :)
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    Sticky Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    I've had my mm card since 09? Can't remember, exactly. Anyway, I had a bad experience with marijuana recently. I bought a pot brownie, and ate a quarter of it, as was recommended and felt nothing...the next day, I ate half and felt A LOT...too much! But, even though it wasn't a fun couple of...
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    Suddenly nothing tastes right

    My son has had a great appetite, up until a couple days ago when he began saying that he'd lost his taste for eggs. I thought he meant that he was tired of them and he thought so, too, as he's been eating 6 a day. He would have eaten more, too, but I limited him to 6! But, now he realizes...
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    Did Pentasa work for you/your child?

    I've read some negative comments about how poorly Pentasa works for Crohn's. One person said it was like using a Band Aid for cancer, another said their GI said it only worked for 10% of patients... It is what my 16 year old is taking, so I wanted to find out... Did it work/is it working for...
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    Sticky Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    Anyone recommend a good vaporizer?
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    Anyone else go against their doctor's advice?

    It makes me very uncomfortable to do so, but so far, I have, twice. When he wanted to put my son into remission by allowing him to eat 20% food with his Peptamen. But, I advised my son to stop food (thanks to you guys) for 6 weeks. I did it again, after the 6 weeks were over, when he advised...
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    Questions to ask the doctor?

    We see the doctor on Friday. Son is currently on Pentasa and Prevacid, feeling really good, no pain with BMs and has finally started to gain weight again. He has gone down to 2 Peptamen per day and will be drinking zero by Friday. So far, he is advancing on the SCD without any problems...
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    My son is back in the hospital

    When I picked my son up from school today, he said that he thought he might be getting a sore throat. He said it hurt a little. He was otherwise happy and came home and ate a good dinner, then went to bed, to read. A couple of hours later, I told him goodnight and it was then that he told me...