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    My long term prednisone experience

    Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with Crohns disease back in 2008, as you can see I used to post here quite a bit when I had symptoms. But I thought I should jump on here and give a quick update in case it's interesting to anyone considering long term Prednisone. I take 6 mg of prednisone per...
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    Best Protein Powder?

    This goes out to any of you bodybuilding members out there. I am having trouble finding a protein supplement that doesn't bother me. For years I've been drinking EAS RTD 44g shakes, but if I have 2 or more a day my crohns symptoms start coming back. I'm pretty sure its causing inflammation in...
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    Semi-Vegetarian Diet & Remission

    Hi just read a scientific article that shows a semi-vegetarian diet can be very effective in the maintenance of Crohn's disease: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2877178/ This makes sense to me, since Crohn's disease has historically been quite rare in Asian countries, at least...
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    CrohnsForum in the News

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    Liquid Nutrition Club

    I've been on Ensure Plus and water for a week now. My flare has stopped getting worse and I'm starting to return to normal. If this keeps up I'll try lowering my prednisone in another week! ... But I saw a commercial for a Cheesy Double Beef Burrito from Taco bell a few days ago and its all I...
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    NEW TREATMENT: Myoconda?

    I came across an interesting article: http://www.giacondalimited.com/pages/products/myo_conda.html Gastroengertology journal article: http://download.journals.elsevierhealth.com/pdfs/journals/0016-5085/PIIS0016508507008013.pdf Thought I would pass it along.
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    How to Donate Unused 6-MP?

    I have a bottle of 6MP medication that I can't use (bad reaction to it). Its very expensive so I hate the idea of just throwing it away when someone might be able to use it. Does anyone know of an organization (in Canada) that accepts drug donations?
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    6-MP / Purinethol Users

    Hi everyone, I am having a strange reaction to 6-MP and I wanted to know if anyone has experienced it (ie., if its normal) or if anyone else has experienced these symptoms and subsequently discovered they couldn't tolerate it. I recently started 6-MP, but 10 days later I had the most terrible...
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    Lymphoma Risk Diagram

    Trying to visualize the odds of getting lymphoma from taking 6-MP or azathioprine, I've created a graphic with 5,200 squares and 2 red dots. One red dot is the chance that anyone in the general population has of getting lymphoma in a given year. The second red dot represents the increased risk...
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    Methotrexate or 6-MP?

    I have to make up my mind soon between 6-MP and methotrexate, to help me get off prednisone after a full year (currently at 11mg/day). My concerns with 6-MP are the increased risk of cancer and daily fatigue (judging by messages on this forum). My concerns with Methotrexate are the...
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    Antidepressants for Remission?

    Hi everyone, I just came across some information about upcomming trials to test the hypothesis that Wellbutrin (and other antidepressants) could be used to induce remission in Crohn's disease.. Apparently antidepressants have some anti-TNF effects similar to what you find in the biologicals...
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    Glad for Crohns diagnosis

    Hi everyone! I'm a 37yo male and was just diagnosed with Crohns (had the colonoscopy etc). I've been healthy all my life and up until 3 months ago I was lifting weights, fencing, running, and had no complaints whatsover except for occasionally bouts with irritable bowel syndrom every few...