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    Feeling Depair

    Hello everyone, I am overwhelmed by a sense of despair. I have Behcet's disease (some specialists at the same hospital insist I have Crohn's instead). My CRP has steadily increased over the last five months. My GI of more than 20 years has left practice. At the appointment, the new GI/Division...
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    Excruciating Shoulder, Lower Back and Thigh Pain (PMR?)

    Hello everyone. I was diagnosed Crohn's/Behcet's for more than 25 years and have taken Enbrel, Humira, Remicade and now Simponi with Methotrexate. My scope last Fall showed scarring (this is the first time scarring had been reported). I had been taking between 1-10 MG of prednisone for the last...