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    Hair loss after starting Stelara?

    My partner has Crohns Disease and has been taking Stelara about 8 weeks now. We started noticing he was losing patches of his beard, eventually he shaved it off completely. Now he has started to lose hair on his head as well. It's too soon to know if the treatment is working but he's terrified...
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    Humira Side Effects ...Help

    My partner just started Humira, first loading dose yesterday. He is experiencing some awful side effects :( Extreme nausea, joint pain, burning pains in his abdomen. He said he hadn't been in this much pain since surgery. Did anyone else experience initial side effects? Did they stop over time...
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    Humira Advice

    My partner has had Crohns disease for about 5 years now, he's tried numerous treatments (including surgery) without any success of achieving remission. He has been recommended Humira, but we are both terrified of the risks involved...cancers and lymphoma, especially as he is mid thirties and...