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  1. scooby100

    Should we increase AZA dose?

    Hi All, My daughter (15), was diagnosed with Crohn's ~6months ago. She is on AZA for the last 2.5 months - on 100 mg dose. As per blood tests AZA components didnt fully kicked in so the doctor wants to increase the dose to 125 - as per the max ratio according her body weight. HOWEVER....to make...
  2. scooby100

    Imuran and back pain? stop it for few days?

    Hi, My daughter is on Imuran for 3 weeks, and last week started to complaint on severe upper back pains and upper abdominal pains (on top of more regular symptoms that we noticed as fatigue, nausea etc...). At the beginning we thought of constipation as the root cause, but in fact she had few...
  3. scooby100

    Should we start SCD / GAPS now?

    Hi All, my daughter, 15, was diagnosed with Crohn few months back. Went through enteral nutrition treatment (Fortisip by Nutricia) for 8 weeks and just started Imuran as a maintenance drug and slowly moving back to normal diet. However - our aim is to take her out of the drugs as soon as...