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    Noone takes me seriously

    Hi I was diagnosed uc in 2010 and later they said it was probably crohns. I had a flare up, usual signs, in September just took steroids. Raised inflamm markers. Now i keep getting erythema nodosum on my legs and my joints are killing me. Hot and cold and clammy. Havent really got diarrhoea but...
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    Stopping steroids

    Hi i had my first badish flare up for years. Had 5 days steroids and diarrhoea had pretty much stopped but still really hot and cold, really bad pain, bowel making awful noises like it does. Ive finished steroids now and worried im still not right and its just going to get worse again 😭 dont...
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    Sweating and pain

    I had bad diarrhoea and minor bleeding for a couple of days. Now im having constant hot cold shivery sweats. Feel sick and like im going to collapse all the time.and insane pain, just not getting any better. Does anyone else get sweats like this?
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    Duodenal biopsy results/?

    hi all, hope you have some ideas as im stressing out. :sign0085: i was diagnosed with UC 6 yrs ago. but i later was found to have adhesions all up the outsides of my bowel having had no prior surgery! i was told by gastro you dont get adhesions with UC so it could be crohns. I recently had a...