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  1. 4peace

    Need advice- stopping Biologic and AZA -

    Hi all, Recently I've decided to stop taking Cimzia and Aza because I've developed pre-cancerous cells. They have developed in 1 years' time when typically this specific type of cancer cell is VERY slow growing. This has freaked me out since my mother died from the same cancer and cancer is...
  2. 4peace

    Agressive Periodontitis

    Today I am feeling super overwhelmed with all things medical and dental. I had laser gum surgery in Nov and Dec and today at my check up my Periodontist said I have not healed AT ALL and he is "worried about the longevity of my teeth" and thinks I will start to lose them within a year. UHHHH...
  3. 4peace

    Advice :)

    I know the general answer around here is "if you think you need to go to the ER, go". I am SO bad at that, so here's my question: I've been feeling "not quite right " this week . I have a stricture and I've been bloating terribly (even just a glass of Almond Milk will make me REALLY...
  4. 4peace

    Suggestions for healthy eating when you have a stricture

    I know juicing and smoothies and soups are all on the list of foods that can be healthy, low calorie and low residue but I am struggling with finding snacks (mostly) and easy to prep foods (that actually require chewing....how many smoothies can a person drink, really?) I have a good size...
  5. 4peace


    Hey guys, can anyone offer a word of reassurance? Certainly I'm not the only one completely freaked out by the medications I'm on (Cimzia and Aza). My family has cancer for a middle name. My grandfather died from melanoma at age 32, my mother passed away at 53 from cancer, my dad had lung cancer...
  6. 4peace

    Medical coverage for Periodontal

    I am trying to find a loophole somewhere in my medical policy to get my periodontal laser treatment covered since the gum disease is directly linked to Crohns and therefore is medical in nature. Also, the definition of Crohns states that it can effect anywhere from the mouth to the anus. I...
  7. 4peace

    Paranoid mom? Kiddo with chronic canker sores

    Hi all, I have Crohns and so I am possibly paranoid that I have influenced my sons genes lol. He has chronic canker sores- usually 2-3 at a time SEVERAL times a month. He gets a tummy ache occasionally but I find they're usually connected to migraines. Did any of you parents notice canker sores...
  8. 4peace

    Sore scalp/hair loss

    Hi all, Has anyone experience having a VERY sore scalp and extra hair shedding while on Aza? MY head is so tender and it has been this way for a few weeks. I think the link is to Aza?? I've been on it for 2 months now to help boost efficacy of Cimzia.
  9. 4peace

    Gaining weight??

    Has anyone gained weight because inflammation has caused bowels to become sluggish/backed up? My recent MRi showed worsening inflammation from the one I had in the hospital in October. Since October, I've had much SLOWER transit time.. as in I only go once a day sometimes (my normal for 17 years...
  10. 4peace

    Stricture worsening or remission

    Hi all, I'm starting to wonder if my stricture is getting worse. I have it from my first resection 16 yrs ago. Lately my bowels are SLOW and this has NEVER happened. I will have one sluggish, nearly C bowel movement a day followed by 1 -3 D. I've even gained weight. I hesitate to say it's...
  11. 4peace

    When to go to ER for fluids??

    Hi all, Does anyone ever go to ER for possible dehydration ? I've had a bad 2 weeks of 8-20 trips to bathroom a day and feel exhausted! I don't have ANY energy- called the on call GI fellow and he said Gatorade and bananas.. I only do an after hours call when I'm feeling really yucky. What do...
  12. 4peace

    A healthy diet without raw foods?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for advice on diets. I've been banned from raw foods (stricture) but I really really want to stuff my body with fruits and veggies. I know so many of you will tell me to juice, which I'm all for but how do you find the time and $! I have 2jobs and its all I can do to get a...
  13. 4peace

    I need serious, grown up advice !

    I really need some advice from someone who is married. My husband (2nd) really wants a baby of his own ( I have a 9 yr old from previous marriage). When we got married 2 1/2 yrs ago, I was all for it, I just wanted to get rid of some of the debt we both brought to the marriage. Over the last 2...
  14. 4peace

    C-Diff again?

    Hi all, At the risk of sounding super paranoid.... How many of you have had c diff return? I'm having cramping WAY watery orange stools (they're always watery but this seems different), headache , low grade fever, backache. Oh and an odd rash all over my stomach the other day out of nowhere that...
  15. 4peace

    C-diff and campyloacteria

    Well, this is day 6 in hospital with c-diff and camplobacteria. Fun! Those of you that have had one or both of these......how long we're you hospitalized? :ytongue:
  16. 4peace

    30 hours in the ER

    That must be a record! 30 hrs in ER dept. there aren't any beds at this damn hospital, I've been waiting for the "promised" room for an entire day! And my inflammation is now in both TI and colon. The Colon is a new one and painful- kudos to all of you that deal wit that one. Cross your fingers...
  17. 4peace

    What should I do?

    Hey forum family! Hope everyone is doing ok today. I need advice. I'm currently on Cimzia with so-so results. For the past 5 days I've been miserable though, even after having my shots this week. I'm having bad cramping with or without food intake (even water is hurting), way more watery bowel...
  18. 4peace

    I just want to get cimzia going already! Update: Had First Shot, Need Info.

    So frustrated today! It's taken a month to get cimzia through insurance etc and I was ready for first dose yesterday but delivery guy was way late so it was too late for nurse to drive an hour to my house, now there's a storm, no snow so it sounded like she would come today. She called and said...
  19. 4peace

    Advice for California partial disability

    Is there anyone here who has been on California partial disability? I have 2 jobs, one as a part time college teacher (9 hrs a week)' the other is waitressing. I have recently been in a bad flare and have taken time off from the restaurant job as it is very physical, high pace, high stress etc...
  20. 4peace

    Cimzia or remicade?

    Well after 14 yrs and 1 resection.......I FINALLY have an official diagnosis- Crohns ( duh, knew it all along) I have the option of remicade or cimzia. Anyone have suggestions? Cost diff? My insurance covers 80% until deductibles etc are met. I'm a little worried about copay. I have anthem blue...