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    Fired because of Crohns

    Long story short, I was off work since April due to lots of testing and loosing 60lbs under the advice of my doctor I went on short term disability, ended up having surgery June 14th and had 2' of small intestine removed. Always kept in contact with my managers and HR on my recovery. On July...
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    After surgery and issues update

    Surgery went well but having issues. Still in the hospital having a lot of pain. They put kidney stints in during surgery and they still hurt like hell. Been taking pain meds, eating lightly but having issues keeping food down, the surgeon wont let me go home until I can keep food down. I have...
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    Surgery tomorrow

    I wont lie and say I am a little nervous, spent the day on clear liquids and took some anti biotic which gave me a really bad stomach cramps. Ended up eating a half a PB&J because the meds said take with food and helped with the cramps. Sitting here drinking 64oz or Gatorade and miralax which is...
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    Disibility info

    I am meeting with a disability lawyer tomorrow morning, where I live it is a long road to get on it. I have heard it could take up to 2 years!! but I am hoping with all my medical issues I get on in 3-6 months. I was diagnosed when I was 15, small bowel resection when I was 16, tried all types...
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    Upcoming surgery

    Long story short, I met with my surgeon today and we think it's a good idea to go ahead with surgery. She will be taking out a foot of small intestine, part of the colon, she is going to try not give me a stoma but wont know until she gets in there and starts ripping me apart. LOL Surgery is on...
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    In hospital right now

    Was admitted Sunday. I've been dealing with crohns for 20+years. Two restrictions in that time. Had a colonoscopy 4 months ago which showed another restriction at the scar tissue from the lat surgery in 2007. Also had a MRI last Tuesday which showed the illium was all inflamed. I've went from...
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    Does anyone have thyroid issues?

    Haven't been feeling to great lately, tired, cant sleep due to going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, stomach pains ect...all I want to do is sleep but cnt leave work to take an hour nap :( you know the drill LOL I went to my family doc because I trust him and my GI doc is booked...
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    New here

    Great site!! I was diagnosed when I was 16 with crohns. Had my first 6" of my small intestine taking out at 16. 21 years later and being on pred for pretty much all of that 21 years. I had another 6" taking out. I have ostro-penia now because of the pred. After that surgery I stopped all my...