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    Latest update on Littlemissh

    Hey guys, littlemissh has been in touch and asked me to update you on her situation. Sadly as of this afternoon she has been readmitted to hospital with an abscess in her leg (as many of you know she's had necrotising fasciitis recently). Her recent MRI showed the collection of fluid in her leg...
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    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    I light a candle for Littlemissh and hope she has a very speedy recovery! xxxxxxxx I also light a candle once again for Amy, who died a year ago on sunday. Love you lots chucky ducky. xxxxxxxx
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    Skin irritation

    Ok so I know erythema nodosum is common with crohns.... Ive never actually seen it in real life, only pics... but from what I know, what I'm currently experiencing doesnt sound like this... so any help / experiences would be greatly appreciated. BOTH my shins are very very very itchy and have...
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    Pain again!

    Started tapering the pred down, and reduced it to 10mg today... and guess what, pain, D and some blood.... :stinks: Not a happy bunny, got shadowing tomorrow and need to be fit and well! If crohn's were a person :voodoo: Ok so I'm just using little pics to make myself feel more cheery right...
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    Another pred thread!!! Exciting!!!!

    Hey guys just a teeny bit of advice please? Just taken my 3rd dose of 40mg/day pred. Last night after 2 days on pred I was woken up in the night by my crohns again (a sure sign things are bad!). So I'm just wondering, I've never had a course of pred before... how long do these babies take to...
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    Waking up at night

    Ok, so I'm looking for a general consensus really.... to my knowledge if you're regularly woken up at night with pain and diarrhoea it's due to an organic cause - ie IBD (or even something worse) but NOT IBS..... Have you guys found this to be the case? I'm regularly woken up with my crohn's...
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    I just want to CRY

    Ok here's another moan!!! When are things gonna start going smoothly for me?! I know there are worse things that can happen but I've had such a rough few years and even things that are supposed to be happy are just shadowed by crappy things happening! I'm gonna give my list of rubbish things...
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    Mucus and crohns

    Does anyone else get LOADS of mucus with their crohns? Its not as typical of crohns as it is of UC, but I get tons.... sometimes the loo paper after wiping just looks like Ive sneezed or blown my nose, its so gross!!! I get blood too but not as often or as much. Sorry for detail btw!! :D Also...
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    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    I light a candle for my best friend Amy, who I grew up with and was as close to me as a sister. She lost her battle with cancer last summer aged 23. Love you so much baby girl!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Norovirus on top of flare!!!

    Just spent 2 days in hospital AGAIN this time for rehydration mainly cos I got noro on top of a flare that was manageable at home.... I was so sick, my GP called an ambulance and by the time I reached hospital I was shocked. I'm just so so sick of being sick atm, I should be celebrating...
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    Losing my faith in humanity

    Ok, so I'm not naive... I know that people aren't perfect and that life can be (and often is) cruel...... But The amount of people on here who don't seem to have people around them who care or support them is actually heart wrenching and I'm genuinely losing some faith in humanity!!! So, lets...
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    Does anyone else seem to have a static CRP.... usually no matter how sick I am the most my CRP has been (until my current flare) is 6..... on this flare its raised, not massively but for me its pretty high. Anyone else get this? Also has anyone else had a raised ALT with a flare? My ALT is...
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    I just want to PASS

    Sorry for yet again another exam related post, but they're the biggest things in my life right now...... and I'm so scared I won't pass and all I want to do is pass, finish uni and qualify and start my job in august! So scared these exams havent gone well.................... All i can do is...
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    Sweetcorn (I think corn if ur American)

    Does anyone else have a problem with eating this?? I'm so upset cos I love the stuff but looking around it does seem like its very common..... Why is this?? xx
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    Hey I'm just curious, what does everyone do for a living? Does anyone not work because their crohn's is so bad? If you do work does your crohn's affect it? I'm still a student myself. I hope that crohn's won't force me to leave work eventually. Currently, until this past week crohn's hasnt...
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    Exam tomorrow!!!

    ARGH! I'm new here, but I'm so fed up now I need to vent!!! I sat 3 exams (over 2 days) with a bowel obstruction last week (one of which I was an inpatient allowed ward leave for) and I begged to be allowed home to revise on sunday so although I'm home now I'm still really unwell with this...
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    A new and unusual case!

    Hi guys I'm Lulu, I'm 26, I'm almost a doctor myself (hopefully in 6 weeks) and I was diagnosed with Crohn's in september, largely on some non specific signs and my gastro's clinical suspicion. I don't tend to have long flare ups like most patients, instead i get flares that last 2-3 days...