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    Humira and antibodies

    My 10 year old daughter started Humira a few months ago after failing Remicade. She's on the 20mg shots every other week and weighs 70 pounds. Her GI just did a test to see the Humira levels and antibodies and the Humira level came back as 4.2, and usually 5.0 is what is considered a...
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    Fever during a flare?

    Thanks for all the responses. The GI did a stool test to make sure she didn't have other infections that we didn't know about and everything came back negative. So he prescribed a course of Prednisone that she started last the weekend. The fever was gone 24 hours later. Whether that is because...
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    Fever during a flare?

    My 10 year old D is currently having a bad flare. Remicade isn't working anymore (antibodies) and she's being switched to Humira. She's been running a fever of 102 for the past three days with no other symptoms. I remember before she was diagnosed that she would get random fevers with no other...
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    Humira pen versus syringe?

    My daughter (10 years) just failed Remicade, unfortunately. She developed high antibodies and has to move to Humira. She's going to be really upset since she's anxious about something new and loved the Remicade. I know they are the pediatric formula available now, which I'm grateful for. With...
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    Humira vs Remicade

    Excuse my Crohn's spelling mistake in my name. I was stressed when I created my profile and can't seem to fix it now! My daughter's GI wants to switch her to Humira or Remicade. He said if her symptoms were acute he'd put her on Remicade but since it isn't I have more choice in the matter. I...
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    Newly diagnosed 7 year old

    My 7 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Crohn's. She got a bad virus back in March of this year and had some diarrhea with that sickness which never went away. Her other symptoms included lack of weight gain, anemia, blood in the stool, nausea, random fevers. She had a colon/endoscopy...