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    My Employers - toilet monitoring

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone had come across their work monitoring toilet breaks, my work are just introducing this. Employees have 5 mins and if they go too many times it is flagged on a report. I am horrified that they are considering this. They are aware of my condition and I am talking to...
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    Side effects of humira and azothiaprin

    Hi, Just been to my consultant and have been on humira since October 2016 and have been pleased with the treatment, hardly any side effects and my condition improving. But now they want to add aziothiaprin after Christmas with a view to stop the humira in a years time. I am worried about the...
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    Methotrexate and swollen feet?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me, I have been on methotrexate for 6 weeks for crohns apart from the side effects of fatigue, headaches and slight nausea and I have also been on a reducing dose of preds which have now stopped. Last couple of days I have had very bad swelling in my...
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    Will steroids/methotrexate stop joint pain

    Hi I have just started prednisolone for 9 weeks and I am due to start methotrexate in 2 weeks time, has this helped anyone's arthritis/joint pain. Before Crohns I was a very active person, never sitting down, I am trying to fight it and keep going but I end up in agony with my knees, ankles...
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    Update- Starting Methorexate Tabs

    Hi I have just had my appointment with my consultant, I have been taken off sulfasalazine due to pancreatitis and have been put on prednisolone for 9 weeks and to go on methotrexate tablets . Hopefully this will make me feel better. I never see the same consultant but this was very good I...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi, I found your website about 2 months ago and have plucked up the courage to tell my story. I have always had stomach issues but the doctors have always said it was IBS, then 2 years ago I had severe vomiting and diarrhoea and the doctors thought it was food poisoning in the end they admitted...