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  1. Trysha

    Just looking for some advice

    It is a good idea to have a consult with a gastroenterologist and a little surprising that your family doctor did not suggest that I have had Hashimotos thyroiditis for thirty years and it is well. controlled with synthroid.....it preceded the crohns which started ten years ago. It is a bit...
  2. Trysha

    Trouble Swallowing

    Trouble is that crohns is one of the sneakiest conditions to endure. Some doctors are miracle workers but in the end they are also people like ourselves and at times can be at a loss of knowing what next to do . Quite often they come up with something to help. Something to be thankful for.. Not...
  3. Trysha

    Trouble Swallowing

    Its good to know whats going on even though we may not like the end result. As you say this is a rare area for crohns...although crohns can attack anywhere in the body. It is a relief to get diagnosed and treated....lets hope it will swiftly respond to treatment. Its good that you will have a...
  4. Trysha

    Trouble Swallowing

    Perhaps you should check in with the GI...someone needs to investigate the problem. When i experienced esophageal narrowing the GI expanded it...worked very well and thats over a year ago. It all depends on the cause...but you should not let it continue....get the experts to investigate. So...
  5. Trysha


    It might be time to check with his doctor......may be the begining of adverse reaction....
  6. Trysha

    VERY urgent, frequent BM’s

    A second opinion is definitely in order... I had this problem for just over four months....no help from the GI or GP. I asked my physiotherapist ..acupuncturist if he could help...he did the acupuncture and the misery of constant bathroom runs stopped same day very dramatically. Then symptoms...
  7. Trysha

    Does esophageal stricture correlate to intestinal stricture?

    The acupuncture needles are painless...and i have up to twenty + inserted at each session. I dont look while they are going in and in no time the physiotherapist/acupuncturist is finished. He frequently checks back ,asks questions sometimes adjust or twirl a particular needle depending on how i...
  8. Trysha

    Does esophageal stricture correlate to intestinal stricture?

    I have colon and esophageal strictures...which did occur at the same time and were treated by the GI.last year This year the colon stricture was treated with balloon endoscopy ..it had reached a diameter of 1-2 mmms and was stretched to 15mm. The esophageal stricture has not (yet) returned. The...
  9. Trysha

    New here

    Hello Krushpin ...Welcome to the forum Hopefully you will find some help from fellow sufferers in these pages Its not easy being a chronie but sometimes it is helpful to share experiences and treatments with others. It is a depressing illness at times...but exercise and other outdoor activities...
  10. Trysha

    Crohns journey and new meds.

    Hello Andrea ...you will soon be an old hand at injecting yourself..especially if it takes care of your symptoms.. Sometimes the thought is worse than the deed. Lets hope the treatment works swiftly for you and stops the disease process Hugs
  11. Trysha

    Methotrexate 25 mg

    Hello....hopefully by now you are feeling a little better Perhaps the nerves reacting to the drugs. It is difficult to say. Perhaps your June appointment with the GI will help to sort things out for you
  12. Trysha

    Sticky What to expect after surgery

    It is interesting to know that there is a grieving process with loss of organs It was very upsetting to me to lose half a colon and I could not understand why It was diseased ,no possible cure other than surgery but I was still asking the GI and the surgeons if they could do lesser surgery...
  13. Trysha

    IBS news

    Medscape Medical News Mutations Linked to IBS, May Lead to Treatment Laurie Barclay, MD March 26, 2014 Editors' Recommendations IBS Drug Succeeds in Large Trials Ondansetron May Ease Irritable Bowel Symptoms Blood Test for Irritable Bowel Syndrome in the Works Irritable...
  14. Trysha


    It would interest me to know if anyone has encountered age as being a factor in crohn's treatment.I am a senior. Currently I have experienced very subtle overtones on two separate occasions, from the booking clerks at my specialist clinic, suggesting I have overstayed my welcome., which has made...
  15. Trysha

    Difficulty swallowing--? new flare

    difficulty swallowing--? new flare This is a new symptom for me and happens at the moment about once or twice a week.It is quite frightening to suddenly be unable to swallow food, and it gets stuck halfway, sometimes it comes back out other times I may throw up with difficulty other times have...
  16. Trysha

    Imuran effects

    I started Imuran eight days ago, dose 50mg/day. Following advice from the forum I have taken it with breakfast cereal. The first few days I had a fleeting nausea then it seemed ok.,but had a feeling of great fatigue after a couple of hours.So I went for a short walk and seemed to overcome it...
  17. Trysha

    Blood in stools

    blood in stools -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been getting blood in stools for the past two months. This week the amount has escalated to very obvious bright red blood in the toilet bowl as well as the blood contained within th stools...
  18. Trysha

    Blood in stools

    blood in stools I have been getting blood in stools for the past two months. This week the amount has escalated to very obvious bright red blood in the toilet bowl as well as the blood contained within th stools. There is also some mucus. I have chronic pain in the left lower quadrant which is...
  19. Trysha

    Ciprofloxacin severe reaction

    ciprofloxacin severe reaction I have just spent a week in hospital after a reaction to ciprofloxacintreatment for crohn's flare. The severe reaction occurred five days after completing the course. IIt started with a peculiar rash followed by dizziness and fainting I was taken to emergency and...
  20. Trysha

    CAT scan colonography

    having lots of pain right now ans a cat scan colonigraphy has been ordered for 12thJuly. does anyone have xperience with this test any advice would be welcome trysha