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  1. levi

    Too fast of a pred taper

    I have a very simple question: I had an incredibly fast onset of symptoms yesterday: been doing great, going 1X/day, and feeling great. All of a sudden yesterday afternoon I got incredibly cold and tired and from 4PM-12PM had about 25 BMs. After one dose of 60 mg pred I’m going tons better. My...
  2. levi

    Pred taper question

    My flares have always been very mild-but very hard to kick. Usually just blood, mucus, loose stools, and maybe increased frequency to 4-5X/max typically. But they could last six-12 months. Anyway, two weeks ago I got knocked flat with 100+ BMs in one week, waves of nausea, vomiting, and...
  3. levi

    Two questions about DMSO

    OK I have researched this a little bit and thought about trying it and have two simple questions: 1) Which production should I buy, the 90% gel, or the 99.98% pure DMSO that needs to be diluted with distilled water? 2) I see lots of anecdotal evidence that it helps with the pain of Crohn's...