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  1. dontmesswithmrwest

    Remicade Stopped Working After 3nd Infusion?

    I felt pretty good after my 2nd infusion but I seem to be getting progressively worse after my 3rd. Does this mean it stopped working? Is there a chance I will feel better after my 4th? Should I get it 6 rather than 8 weeks? Would really appreciate your feedback.
  2. dontmesswithmrwest

    My Life Has Reached a New Low

    So Christmas is almost here. I remember that even last year as an adult I was extremely excited about the big day. Honestly it no longer gives me any joy. No more running down the stairs to open presents because my knee hurts so much I need crutches to walk. My knees, elbows, ankles all hurt...
  3. dontmesswithmrwest

    Brain Fog is Scaring Me

    I used to be a very intelligent man (I'm not bragging, just stating the truth). But right now I feel...well... dumb. I find myself with severe brain fog that is seriously disturbing me. My father keeps bringing up things I said that I completely forgot. I ordered a leather jacket on Amazon...
  4. dontmesswithmrwest

    Kratom - More Energy, Less Pain - A Guide

    I'm currently in the process of moving to a state where MM is legal. However, in the meantime I have been consuming kratom. I have been doing so for months before I even got diagnosed and noticed that it reduced bowel movements, provided energy, and helped fight depression. I am knowledgable...
  5. dontmesswithmrwest

    Newly Diagnosed, Deeply Confused, and Angry

    I've never been more overwhelmed in my life. I got diagnosed about 7 days ago...well, kinda. Which leads me to my first question. The GI first said that bloodwork was next to useless to here for diagnosing Crohn's. She says I the colonoscopy shows severe inflammation, but she needs me to get...