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    Quit My Meds

    My GI doubled my 6MP, upped my sulfasalazine, and restarted my prednisone, because I was so sick on my last visit. I had lost 10 more pounds too. After doing what he prescribed for two weeks, I had lost 3 more pounds, and could barely do anything, I was so nauseous. I quit taking the 6MP...
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    Good Crohn's docs in Houston?

    I live in Houston, Texas, well, Baytown, specifically and wondered if anyone would recommend their great Crohn's doctor? I am still seeing my colo-rectal surgeon one year after my operation, and I think I need to see someone who will manage the WHOLE enchilada. Can anyone help me? I have spent...
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    What is remission?

    This might sound silly, but do you feel good in remission? I'm wondering what to hope for. Are you back to normal, or close?
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    Bad taste and smell last 2 days!

    I have been diagnosed with Crohn's just since January 2014. I am just over-whelmed at how sick I have been! Yesterday, I noticed bad taste and smell for the first time, and it persists today. I have already lost too much weight, and I'm nauseated all the time, and occasionally throw up, not to...