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  1. Manzyb

    Crohn’s treatment with TWO biologics?

    I was prescribed it by dermatology because I have severe plaque psoriasis as well. They could only get Tremfya 100mg every 8 weeks approved by my insurance. It’s my understanding that a much higher dose is needed to treat Crohn’s, but since it’s not approved, my GI can’t make a case that the...
  2. Manzyb

    Crohn’s treatment with TWO biologics?

    Thank you! What biologic are they taking along with Stelara? We are looking at Tremfya and Entyvio. There is just not much info out there.
  3. Manzyb

    Crohn’s treatment with TWO biologics?

    Tremfya and Entyvio are the two I would be on.
  4. Manzyb

    Crohn’s treatment with TWO biologics?

    That would be wonderful! I’m taking Tremfya and use to do entyvio, but we are going to try them both to see how it goes. Although Tremfya isn’t approved for crohn’s it’s showing great results in clinical trials.
  5. Manzyb

    Crohn’s treatment with TWO biologics?

    My doctor wants me to give Entyvio a second try along with Tremfya. She said that it would be a safe combination, but it makes me nervous! I was just curious if anyone had experience with taking two biologics!
  6. Manzyb

    Inflamed ileum with fluid buildup

    I ended up building antibodies to it and it stopped being as effective. I felt really well on it for a very long time
  7. Manzyb

    Inflamed ileum with fluid buildup

    I began taking Remicade when I was 15 (now 37) and it literally saved my life. I took it for 6 years without any issues.
  8. Manzyb

    Interesting research/articles/videos etc.

    This is hopeful! I have crohn’s and PSC. It’s nice to see that there are actual possible treatments for PSC (aside from transplantation). Thank you for sharing all of this!
  9. Manzyb

    Crohn’s treatment with TWO biologics?

    Hello! has anyone been prescribed TWO biologics at once to help heal their Crohn’s?
  10. Manzyb

    Ozanimod & Janus kinase (Trial)

    Hello!! I was in an Ozanimod trial. I did the 10 week double blinded study, but due to not improving I “failed” out of the study and they put me in the open label study. I was getting the max dose of Ozanimod for about 4 months before I had to come out of the trial. I had run out of options...
  11. Manzyb


    I took it as well. It was okay, it took a long time for it to really work, but never had any crazy side effects. The only side effects were nasty headaches and fatigue immediately following infusions, but would be gone in a day or two
  12. Manzyb


    Hello! I’m about to start a clinical trial with the drug Ozanimod. It was recently approved for MS, but now I’m phase 3 for Crohn’s Disease. Has anyone tried it?! I can’t start until October 22nd as I am now in the “washout” period for Stelara and Tacrolimus. I was just curious if anyone...
  13. Manzyb

    Humira, round 2

    Hey guys! Have any of you been on Humira in the past, been taken off of it, and a couple years later been put back on it? About 7ish years ago I took Humira and it worked absolute wonders for me. I never achieved remission, but I felt much better. When the disease got bad again they upped me...
  14. Manzyb

    Prednisone and pain medication?

    I saw my Gi as a follow up from my hospital stay, and he noticed that the admitting doctor sent me home with Percocets for the pain. I'm on 60mg of prednisone, and my GI this morning told me not to take the pain medications if I can, because that plus the steroids could have serious effects...
  15. Manzyb

    Benadryl for nausea?

    I've been reading that anti-histamines can help with nausea. I'm currently maxed out on nausea meds for the day and was thinking about giving it a shot. I probably will, I'm just curious if anyone else tries it for nausea.
  16. Manzyb

    Changes in menstrual cycle

    has anyone had this happen? My first dose of cimzia was last Friday. I'm about a week late on my period and have taken a couple of pregnancy tests and all were negative. Anyone else have late or changed menstrual cycles?
  17. Manzyb

    Quick update to my seemingly never-ending cycle

    Since my surgery last January, I've still had problems. My new doctor did all kinds of tests and I am in fact still flaring and not in remission like my last doctor had stated. Last thursday I started getting a worsening "ache" in my lower right quadrant, and didn't think much of it. Friday...
  18. Manzyb

    Changing diet and feeling better.

    Hi there: I got my juicer about 3 weeks ago, and I also got a ninja to make myself some protein smoothies. I usually do a smoothie for breakfast, and a juice for lunch, and our dinners are "clean" dinners. Now, only a week and a half ago I was in the ER needing to get fluids because I was...
  19. Manzyb

    Farmer's market!

    Well, it wasn't a secret that I was not happy to move out here to San Diego. However, other than the beach that makes me happy, I just found an amazing farmer's market! We went this morning and got everything from blood oranges, to avacados, to swiss chard, to FRESH caught shrimp! I'm so...
  20. Manzyb

    I feel like I can't catch a break

    I think I'm just having a pity party for myself, but I've been through a lot the last 13ish years that I've had this disease. I'm now back to vomiting when I eat solid food. It doesn't really matter what it is. I vomited after eating chicken noodlesoup last week. I've since adopted the...