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    How to deal with nausea caused by Modulen?

    Does the nausea comes from drinking modulen? Or does that come from your condition like stomach issues or strictures?
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    Foods that triggering in me

    Hello I understand your point, I was in a similar situation. Do you have symptoms from your stricture?
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    Vomiting no D

    It could be crohns even if you dont have D yes. For example if your inflammation is in the ileum instead of the colon
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    Very slight discomfort in strange location

    Could be because of more solid movements. You could check it with a doc and ask for a cream if you can reach it
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    Are biologics after surgery a must?

    Actually antibiotics are not that bad for crohns. Some novel treatments are based on antibiotics. It killed the bacterias that could make a mess in the intestine and trigger crohns. So if you kill it and rebuild your microbiome eating good bacterias (like kefir etc..) it’s a good thing. As i...
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    Are biologics after surgery a must?

    Yeah 12’’ is fine it’s a very classic and standard size they usually remove and we have like 275’’ length so you can imagine… Imo most important thing is you dont want to have a fistula and a situation which you almost die and need a surgery again. the best thing to clean your intestine from...
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    Are biologics after surgery a must?

    Of course keeping the intestine as healthy as possible is the goal. However it is correct for anyone to seek a second opinion, just to hear another version of the story. At the end it could be similar or not so different. But sometimes also the way someone explain something is important. Talking...
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    Are biologics after surgery a must?

    Hi Ignotius, sorry for the late reply. First of all I totally understand your mood and all the questions that came around your mind and find no answers from most of the doctors. I been there too…, till I stopped asking too much questions that anyway won’t have any definitive answers and just...
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    Stelara/Ustekinumab Positive Experiences?

    Regarding tiredness , did you check your levels of hemoglobin, iron and vitamins (b12 , b9, d)? Could come from some deficiency there
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    Humira/high risk group?

    I was on humira. I never catched any infection or noticed it weakens my immune system. No need to stay isolated dont worry. The only bad side effect I had was a much sensitive and drier skin that lead to some issues and needed a particular attention
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    EEN liquid diet

    Een make belly very noisy with all the liquids i noticed too, so this thing alone would not worry me too much
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    Pain during bowel movement

    It’s very typical for crohns to have pain in this area I think. I’m not sure but it could be the ileocecalvalve and the colon. The valve is located about halfway between the hip bone and belly button
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    Stomach growling and tensions

    I was lucky as the trip went great and most of the discomfort disapeared being super careful with the diet except for 1 day. Now i’m back home and pain is back a bit. I realize I have to be much more strict with my diet compare to last years, it’s kinda depressing
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    Stomach growling and tensions

    Pain is low in my case. I’d call it discomfort with slight pain
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    Stomach growling and tensions

    hi delta_hippo thanks for your advices. I decided to travel and go, as I hate this disease make us drop down plans and opportunities. Yes I know some hospital there, i’ll be close to family too, so it’s not so adventurous. regarding GI they are not really easily responsive, no direct phone...
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    Stomach growling and tensions

    Thank you for your reply noises are not so loud. MRI will be end of the summer so not soon. Yes I guess if it turns out as an obstruction with nausea and pain I’ll go the the ER. Hope I can avoid that. did you experienced similar situations?
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    Stomach growling and tensions

    Hello guys, I need some help or adivce. i been having stomach tensions with growling and noises in my belly for days… I tried to change my diet, drink a lot more etc and started a rifaximin cycle 2 days ago but it keeps going on. Today it’s harder to walk normally with all this discomfort. I...
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    Abdominal lumps that move and gurgle

    I also have strictures and a lot of gurgling and discomfort but without lumps. I may need another surgery sooner or later I’m afraid…
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    Abdominal lumps that move and gurgle

    Do you have strictures? Why you think you have lumps?