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  1. Procyon

    Alternative to Entocort?

    My doc recently prescribed entocort for me in addition to the humi. But of course there's a problem. There's always a problem, right? @_@...It turns out, entocort is actually a really expensive drug or something. Apparently my insurance company randomly decided that they don't pay for entocort...
  2. Procyon

    Frustrated -- any advice?

    This thread is probably going to come off as pathetic and whiny. So I apologize for that. Only I think I needed to get these nagging thoughts off my chest, so I had to write it somewhere. OK. So anyway, I'm kind of frustrated. Like, for the past year now, I've been flaring worse than normal...
  3. Procyon

    The Good Day/Bad Day Problem

    Has anyone else ever been in a situation where they just don't understand the way that their disease is progressing anymore? I've been in one of those gray areas over the past few months, where sometimes I feel good, and sometimes I feel bad. For example, a couple weeks ago, I had a stretch of...
  4. Procyon

    Just a stupid vent

    I'm just kind of irritated and stressed right now. I'm supposed to be commuting to school by the end of August, right? Well, the funny thing is, I don't have my license yet. Partly because my parents never take me out to practice. @_@ That's honestly the least of my concerns though, because I'm...
  5. Procyon


    So I was browsing around the internet today, and I noticed that a new drug called vedolizumab is entering phase III clinical trials. This drug isn't a new anti-TNF, which I suppose is a good thing, as we already have at least three of those on the market, and we need to break some new ground...
  6. Procyon

    Good News/Bad News

    So I went to my GI yesterday. And it was one of those good news/bad news sort of deals. Mostly good news though, I'm mostly pleased despite things. The good news is, she's pretty confident that the Cimzia is working. She thinks that the more Cimz I get, the better I'll start feeling, so even...
  7. Procyon

    Crohn's & Neurological Issues

    I was wondering, has anyone ever noticed neurological issues associated with their Crohn's? Lately, I've been getting a lot of headaches. I mean, I've also had chronic sinus issues my whole life, so I kinda just wrote it off as sinusitis. So I took some antibiotics, but they didn't really help...
  8. Procyon

    Procyon's Story

    Since I've been around for a little bit now, I figured I'd share my story. I was first diagnosed with Crohn's almost a decade ago, and I was only nine years old at the time, so I could be remembering things a little wrong or out of order. Also sorry I made it so long. I hope that doesn't deter...
  9. Procyon

    Best drinks?

    So I'll be the first to admit that I have an addiction to diet soda. But I've gotten to thinking -- all of those carbon bubbles could be contributing to the painful gas bubbles that get trapped in my intestines... So when I flared this time, I tried switching, and I started drinking Powerade...
  10. Procyon

    Mesalamine Enema

    So, my doctor prescribed a pentasa enema for me to reduce inflammation. Has anyone else used this? Any reviews? How hard is it to give yourself an enema? Or do I have to forsake my dignity and make someone else shove the medicine up my butt. :(
  11. Procyon

    Reassure me.

    Hey guys, Thought I'd ask for your opinion on this. I've been doing a slow prednisone taper, and I'm set to go down to 10 mg on Saturday. I was on 20 mg for two weeks; the first week, I was feeling okay -- minor cramping, but it was mostly negligible. However, the second week, I've noticed...