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  1. Naddie4589

    Thought i would share with you guys:)

    Hello, i have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease since June of last year. I have been through every medication there is, and nothing was working. I went to go see a new GI doctor and he ordered a rectoscopy to be done, and he discovered that the are with the worst crohns is at the end of the...
  2. Naddie4589

    Cushings syndrome

    Hey everyone, Today i went to go see my GI and after running all the normal tests, he told me and wrote on my report that i have something called cushings syndrome. I read up on it a little and I think from what I understand it can be caused by a long term use of prednisone though I am not sure...
  3. Naddie4589

    Scared of reaction to remicade

    Hello everyone I am starting remicade next week for the first time, and I am so scared of all the scary reactions I have read about, if you have ever taken remicade have you had any scary reactions that I should know about please let me know of your experiences I am terrified lol Thanks for the help
  4. Naddie4589

    Crohns in the large intestine?

    Hello everyone! This may sound like an odd question but bare with me lol, I was dx'ed with crohns in my large intestine near the end of it being the worst, and my small intestine was completely clear according to the colonoscopy. It seems to me so many people on here have Crohns in their small...
  5. Naddie4589

    Info about remicade

    Hey everyone! I am going to start Remicade next week hopefully and have been talking with my GI about it. Something new that i learned today is that taking Cyclosporine while on remicade can help the body from forming antibodies against the remicade which means you can probably use it for a...
  6. Naddie4589

    This really works!

    Hi everyone! I am fairly new to this website, but would like to share something that i found that works very well for crohn's. I have tried many medications, and treatments, but nothing seemed to be working for me. I searched the internet for hours, and finally stumbled upon something called...
  7. Naddie4589

    I'm new

    Hey everyone! i was diagnosed with crohn's disease in June 2010, and have been getting treatment ever since. The medications i have tried are Prednisone both orally and intravenously, Cyclosporine(which i am on now) Prednisolone which i am on now, Azathioprine, Flagyl, and i have tried Pentasa...